CD611 Milwaukee Eco Ec-meter

CD611 Milwaukee Eco Ec-meter
  •  CD611 Milwaukee Eco Ec-meter
  • CD611 Milwaukee Eco Ec-meter
  •  CD611 Milwaukee Eco Ec-meter
  • CD611 Milwaukee Eco Ec-meter
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These EC meters are quite basic and simple but they are incredibly precise and durable. Keep an eye on the nutrient content of your water with this handy Milwaukee device.


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CD611 Milwaukee Eco Ec-meter

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Milwaukee Eco Ec-meter is Affordable and Precise

The Milwaukee ECO CD611 EC Meter is one of the most affordable devices on the market considering how precise it is. This instrument is something that all growers should have – perfect for controlling EC levels simply and precisely.

These devices are super easy to use, too, allowing you to see if you’re using too many nutrients in your nutrient solution – you’ll be able to avoid situations involving over-fertilization or nutrient deficiencies. Whichever your grow method is, this device will come in handy.

It’s super easy to calibrate; you’ll need to get some EC calibration liquid, EC 1413 to be precise, and use the screwdriver included with the device to adjust it to the same amount as the liquid.

All you have to do is submerge the tip of the sensor in the calibration solution and adjust the screw accordingly. Once it’s been adjusted you can start using the device. Remember to calibrate every now and them.

How to use the Milwaukee Eco Ec-meter:

  • Remove the black protector and turn it on by pressing the ON/OFF button located at the top.
  • Submerge it up to the limit and wait until the meter is stabilized.
  • The meter compensates temperature variations automatically.
  • After using it, wash the electrode with water to keep it clean.

How to calibrate the Milwaukee Eco Ec-meter:

  • Submerge the meter until the limit in Ec calibrating liquid (M10031)
  • Wait until the device is stabilized and adjust it to 1.4 with the screwdriver located at the side (multiplying it by 100 equals Ec value =1413).
  • The meter is calibrated.
  • ALWAYS use new calibrating liquid. Do not reuse the same liquid under any circumstances.
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CD611 Milwaukee Eco Ec-meter Reviews

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Hola Daniel, en respuesta a tu pregunta, sí es correcto. Saludos.


Mi agua de riego me da 16 con el abono que significa que tengo 1.6?


los medidores de pH y de Ec siempre es recomendable calibrarlos antes de utilizarlos pro primera vez, de esta manera nos aseguramos de que van a realizar mediciones precisas desde un inicio.
Un saludo.


No entiendo de dónde sale el 0,4 a mi (4x100:400) me da uno, para que de 0,4 tienes que dividirlo entre 10, no??


Viene calibrado? Gracias de antemano ????????????


recuerda que el resultado que nos ofrece el medidor se tiene que multiplicar por 100, lo que significa que si este nos da un valor de 4 (4 x 100: 400), tendríamos una Ec de 0,4, la cual es perfecta para el cultivo de cannabis.
Un saludo.

  • 2 out of 3 people found this review useful.


La lectura de 4 en milwaukee ec tester cd611 que Ec tendría...? Gracias .


Este Medidor EC CD611 Eco Milwaukee se mide por 100 osea un ec de 4 sería 0.4??


Muy buen medidor, cada tres meses lo tenéis que calibrar, por lo demás un diez.

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.


Muy bueno

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