Essenz Vapherb Vaporizer

Essenz Vapherb Vaporizer

49,00 €

Essenz Vapherb Vaporizer

The Calima vaporizer by Pepita is the product you’re looking for if you want to enter the world of vaping, thanks to its versatility in allowing you to vape both marijuana and extractions; you just have to switch out the bowls.

49,00 €

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Product description

Calima by Pepita is a vaporizer than can be used to vape all types of extractions and any other kind of vegetal material due to the fact that it comes with different bowls, each used for a different substance.

It’s extremely easy to use, all you have to do is choose the right bowl for whatever material you want to vape; it has a specific bowl for vegetal substances and another for oils and other types of extractions. To turn it on you must press the main button 5 times in a row, and once it’s on just hold down the button and take a drag.

The bowl used for extractions and oils has an external resistance, so once you press the button the bowl will heat up and melt the content inside without needing any sort of combustion. You can use it with any kind of extraction, although we don’t recommend using commercial hash or any other kind of low-quality extractions due to the fact that the vaporizer will bring out their more sour flavors. For BHO extractions it comes with a dabber, which will make it easier to put your extraction in the bowl without contaminating it.

The bowl used for vegetal substances had an internal resistance, making it easier to reach the perfect temperature to vape by pressing the button. If you hold the button down for too long it will reach extremely high temperatures, which may end up causing combustion and producing smoke instead of vapor. This feature is perfect for those that aren’t satisfied by just vapor but they prefer to use vaporizers due to how discreet they are; much more discreet than walking around in public with a joint in your hand.

To switch out the bowls you’ll need a small key which comes with the vaporizer; use it to slowly unscrew the bowl until you hear a click, indicating that you can remove it. Even when it’s been unscrewed you might have issues removing it due to the rubber around the thread, so we recommend removing it extremely carefully and with pliers if you have some.

It also comes with a micro-USB charger with the plug included, so you won’t have to charge it on your laptop which can sometimes take forever. Thanks to this charger, you’ll be able to charge your vaporizer much faster, avoiding disasters like running out of battery when you leave your house.

It includes a cloth pouch to carry it around in so that you don’t scratch it on your keys or anything else you might have in your pocket.

To keep it in the best condition possible, we recommend cleaning it after every use with the little brush that is also included.


  • Calima vaporizer by Pepita
  • Brush
  • Dabber
  • Charger
  • Key to change bowls

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Estaría interesado

Me gustaría saber si es capaz de vaporizar hachís


    sirve para tabaco?

    hola, quiero comprar el vaporizador Calima de Pepita, me vale para vaporizar tabaco, por ejemplo el Amsterdamer de pipa? gracias.



      Hola! Acabo de comprar una y quisiera saber para que se usa cada cazoleta?


        podria usar hachis?

        buenas estoy muy interesado en el vaporizador pero fumo hachis y maria, podría usar este vaporizador para ambas cosas?



          Para diego

          Buenas diego, hay que dejar que le resistencia caliente bien hasta el punto que evapora sin necesidad de aspirar el humo demasiado fuerte, en ese caso se podría llegar a combustionar cosa que no queremos que suceda, para eso lo mejor es aspirar lo más suave posible y ya no nos rascará al cuello. Un saludo.

            diego i

            muy bueno

            Esta bastante bien. Pero hay que cogerle un poco de practica .ahora no tiene nada que ver con fumar con tabaco. Se fuma pura y si hay mucho humo rasca bastante. Pero mas sano es.


              Envíos a Londres

              Buenos días Francisco, podemos hacer envíos a Londres sin inconvenientes. Un saludo!


                Muy contento

                Para lo pequeño que es... quien diria la cantidad que cabe y lo cómodo que es, parece que llevas un subrayador jajaja nadie pensaria para lo que es


                  Envíos a Londres

                  Enviarían esto a Londres?



                    Fumo donde quiera sin ningún problema.

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                      Essenz Vapherb Vaporizer

                      Essenz Vapherb Vaporizer

                      The Calima vaporizer by Pepita is the product you’re looking for if you want to enter the world of vaping, thanks to its versatility in allowing you to vape both marijuana and extractions; you just have to switch out the bowls.

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