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CBDrelax from the seed bank Paradise seeds is a feminized cannabis strain that has high CBD levels (15%) and close to null THC levels (1%).

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Data sheet
Bank Paradise Seeds
Seed type Feminized
Available individually No
Recommended use Medicinal
Recommended growing environment Any
Cannabinoid profile CBD-dominant
Genotype Balanced
Physical effect Heavy
Psychoactive effect Relajante / medicinal
Indoor Flowering Time 8-9 semanas
Outdoor Harvest Time October
Flavor Floral
Climate Mild

The feminized strain CBDrelax by Paradise seeds accounts for its name. With CBD levels close to 15%, and THC levels lower than 0.4%, this hybrid is ideal to use for medicinal purposes. Likewise its zen effect enables various physical relaxing activities such as yoga or meditation.

CBDrelax is one of the most relevant rich CBD strains in the new generation from Paradise Seeds. This feminized strain has a 50% sativa, 50% indica composition and presents a bittersweet bouquet that mixes with different floral and spicy shades.

How to grow CBDrelax seeds

Learn to grow indoors

A fast flowering strain, that only takes around 55-60 days indoors. By taking care of your plant and using the necessary products to optimize its development, you will harvest yields of around 450 gr/m2 under 630w LEC lamps. We recommend 12 plants per square meter in 7L plant pots.

This strain requires that you control both its pH and EC levels to maximize production. Therefore you need to use a 600 Eco Milwaukee PH Meter that will give you the precise measure to use on your grow.

Learn to grow outdoors

However if you choose to grow this strain outdoors, it can be harvested  late september or early october in the north hemisphere, whereas late march in the south hemisphere. A terpenic and flavonoid rich strain, that can yield up to 300 grams per plant, dry.

Outdoors you can plant it directly in earth or in a plant pot with high quality substrate, rich in black peat and volcanic substances, as well as retentive elements, perlite and vermiculite. In regards to what to supply your plant with, we recommend adding products with high NPK content, as well as other additives to fatten and strengthen the flavour and aroma of the plants.

Flavour and effects

Flavour and aroma

If there is a word to define the flavour and aroma of this strain, it is the word bittersweet. From the first puff you will melt with the dense smoke from which you will be able to distinguish captivating notes resembling green pepper and nutmeg. In regards to its aroma, you will smell soft floral shades, reminding you of jasmine and lavender.


As it has a cannabinoid profile, it has a 15% of cannabidiol and only 0.4 of THC, which means that you can associate CBDrelax to medicinal uses, destined to many therapeutic uses thanks to its sedative effects both mentally and physically.  This means that it can be used to treat different chronic pains as well as sleep disorders. In some cases it can also help with fibromialgie, OCD or anxiety.

Important Data CBDrelax

  • Sativa/Indica: 50/50%
  • Flowering: 8-9 weeks indoors and early october outdoors.
  • Height: 0.6-1.1m indoors and 2-2.5m outdoors.
  • CBD: 15%
  • THC: 0.4%
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