Uvonair CD-1000 US-2 Coronas Ozone Generator

Uvonair CD-1000 US-2 Coronas Ozone Generator
  •  Uvonair CD-1000 US-2 Coronas Ozone Generator
  •  Uvonair CD-1000 US-2 Coronas Ozone Generator

Get rid of all odors from your inside grow using this two-crown ozone generator; perfect for potent aromas.


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Uvonair CD-1000 US-2 Coronas Ozone Generator

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Uvonair CD-1000 US-2 Coronas Ozone Generator

When you install one of these Uvonair CD-1000 US-2 Corona ozone generators in your grow room, you can get rid of every last trace of cannabis aromas.

Purify your grow and dry rooms with ozone

Ozone gas acts by destroying any particles in the air, including insects, bacteria, fungi and any odor particles. It also corrodes and oxidizes every surface that it comes into contact with, which means that it should be the last thing that you set up if you don’t want to ruin your extraction system; make sure it's after your reflector or cooltube too, if you have one.

How to install Uvonair CD-1000 US-2 Coronas Ozone Generator

  • Ozonizer should be the last machine to be installed
  • If there is no cooltube, it should be placed after the extractor. If there is one or there is an air-cooled reflector, it has to be mounted after the reflector.
  • You should make sure that there’s at least 5 m of ducting after your ozone generator in order to make sure that it’s as efficient as possible.
  • After ozone mixes with oxygen, the air will be completely purified and odor free.
  • Using a carbon filter is recommended in order to avoid dust or dirt from entering the generator.
  • No replacements needed as long as filter sleeve is kept clean

Remove bad odors and pathogens with the Uvonair Ozonizer 

This generator produces 3000 mg/h, so it can be used with 1500 m3/h extraction systems, getting rid of absolutely all odors. It could be used with a 3000 m3/h extraction system, although it may let some aromas sneak through towards the end.

Uvonair CD-1000 US-2 Coronas Ozone Generator specifications:

  • 60 w
  • 250 mm diameter

This product is ordered upon request; delivery may take up to 24/48 h longer.

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Uvonair CD-1000 US-2 Coronas Ozone Generator Reviews


Estos Ozonizadores industriales pueden ser la mejor solución para grandes espacios de cultivo. Se aplican en otros sectores como erradicar el olor masivo de plantas de residuos, entre otros donde es necesario su empleo.


Ha sido una inversión necesaria por mis condiciones de cultivo, pero su función es genial. Cero olores por la casa, imagine con los vecinos. Nada de nada

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