Ozotres Inline Ozone Generator

Ozotres Inline Ozone Generator
  •  Ozotres Inline Ozone Generator
  •  Ozotres Inline Ozone Generator

Get rid of all odors from your grow room thanks to the Ozotres Inline Ozone Generator; maximum discretion.

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Ozotres Inline Ozone Generator

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Ozotres Inline Ozone Generator Eliminates Odors

When using an Ozotres ozone generator in your grows’ extraction system, you’re fully guaranteed an odorless growing operation. This is necessary when growing cannabis indoors, especially in the city, as you want to be as discreet as possible and the stench of cannabis is quite suspicious.

Powerful ozone removes scent particles generated by grows

Ozone gas is capable of corroding all surfaces that it comes in contact with, including the circuits and electrical devices in your extraction system, which is why you need to make sure that it’s the last thing you set up before the extraction outlet. For the best results, make sure there’s 5 m of ducting between where the ozone generator is and the final outlet.

Ozotres Inline Ozone Generator is a great quality ozonizer

We also recommend using an anti-odor filter in order to catch any dust and dirt particles before they go through the ozone generator, allowing you to keep it in better conditions and clean it less often.

Inlet dimensions and power of Ozotres ozonizers:

  • CLASS 1: 125 mm, 1 Lamp, 250 mg, 300 M3/h max.
  • CLASS 2: 150 mm, 2 Lamps, 520 mg, 450 M3/h max.
  • CLASS 4: 200 mm, 4 Lamps, 800 mg, 800 M3/h max.
  • CLASS 6: 250 mm, 6 Lamps, 1800 mg, 1000 M3/h max.
  • CLASS 9: 250 mm, 8 Lamps, 2400 mg, 2000 M3/h max.
  • CLASS 12: 315 mm, 12 Lamps, 3500 mg, 3000 M3/h max.
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Ozotres Inline Ozone Generator Reviews


Super livraison


La verdad que es una maravilla para un armario de dos funciona de lujo


Tengo un armario 1.2x1.2 con un extractor de 125mm 355mh/3 con un filtro también de 125mm de 500mh/3, con el ozonizador de 125 sería suficiente, no?Gracias.


Hola buenas tardes Marc, el generador de ozono tiene una luz led que te indica cuando esta encendido y apagado. Un saludo!


El c9 cuando lo enchufo se enciende el interruptor verde? Como se si esta e.n funcionamiento? Seponen rojas las bombillas? Gracias

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