Boom Nutrients Basic Pack

Boom Nutrients Basic Pack
  •  Boom Nutrients Basic Pack
  •  Boom Nutrients Basic Pack

Boom Nutrients Basic Pack is the perfect solution for your first cannabis grows. It includes Crecimiento Boom, Floracion Boom and Roots Boom.


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Boom Nutrients Basic Pack

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This New Boom Nutrients Basic Pack contains all the micro and macro elements and nutrients your plants will need during the vegetative and flowering stages. It’s a perfect choice for first time growers and can be used indoors and outdoors.

Gb The Green Brand has created Boom Nutrients Basic Pack for customers to grow cannabis easily and efficiently. This pack includes Crecimiento Boom, Floracion Boom and Roots Boom.

Boom Nutrients Basic Pack contents

Roots Boom: Highly effective roots stimulant. It will strengthen and protect the root system making them absorb more nutrients. Its rich contents will provide plentiful benefits to your plants and their soil. It improves the substrate thanks to its microorganisms and Ascophyllum nodosum extract. Perfect for the plant’s primary and early growing stages.

Crecimiento Boom: It’s an amazing fertilizer that will help plants develop healthy and vigorous during the vegetative stage. It has an efficient 11-5-6 NPK proportion as well as other micronutrients and plant hormones like cytokines, gibberellins or auxins. Its rich formulation maximizes plant growth without abusing the use of minerals. Always use the manufacturer’s recommended dosage to avoid over fertilization.

This product is intended for weekly use during watering but it can also be sprayed. In order to obtain the best possible yield, ph and EC levels need to be checked periodically.

Floracion Boom: It’s a base fertilizer with excellent macro elements proportion, 5% nitrogen (N), 7% phosphorus (P) and 10% potassium (K). It gives plants all they need during the flowering period. Plants will be healthier and more resistant as it provides them with vitamins, amino acids and algae extracts. It also improves buds’ flavor. For best results it should be used during the first weeks of the flowering period, 2-3ml/L and stop using 2 weeks before harvesting.

What you’ll receive with your order:

  • 1L Crecimiento Boom
  • 1L Floracion Boom
  • 250 ml Roots Boom
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