Autoflowering Complete Kit

Autoflowering Complete Kit
  •  Autoflowering Complete Kit
  •  Autoflowering Complete Kit

GB Green Brand Autoflowering complete Kit includes the best base fertilizers, additives and autoflowering bulk seeds.

Auto strains
Auto strains

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Autoflowering Complete Kit

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This Autoflowering Complete Kit contains all you need to successfully grow autoflowering cannabis plants and improve their yield and flavor. GB Green Brand has a wide selection of autoflowering bulk seeds that you can choose from to complete your kit.

This kit includes Boom Nutrient best products like Auto Boom fertilizer, Roots Boom, Candy Boom, Super Boom and Big Boom.

This pack comes with 3 or 5 autoflowering 100% feminized bulk seeds, just select your favorite cannabis strain and you are ready to go. Auto Critical, Auto Amnesia, Auto Ak, Auto Banana, Auto Gorila, Auto Gelatto, Auto Girl Scout Cookies, Auto Cheese and Magnus Super Auto are some of the available options.

How to Obtain the Best Results Using this Autoflowering Complete Kit

This Autoflowering Complete kit covers indoors or outdoors autoflowering needs from start to finish at a very competitive price.

Roots Boom: Excellent rooting enhancer that will enlarge the root system and improve nutrient absorption. Perfect for cannabis plants’ primary and early growing stages, and also for mother plants. It boosts the plants immune system making them stronger towards growers’ mistakes or adverse weather conditions.

Its formulation contains seaweed (Ascophyllum Nodosum), free amino acids, nitrogen and organic matter. This product should be used only during the first two weeks of growth and the recommended dosage is 2ml/L. If by any chance the grow seems to be lacking nutrients it would be advisable to flush the roots, adjust ph levels to 6 and start again with the minimum dose.

Auto Boom: Mineral based fertilizer that is used during the vegetative and early growing stages of autoflowering strains. It has a perfectly studied combination of macronutrients (NPK 3.5-5.3-5), micro-nutrients, humic and fulvic acids that stimulate root growth, increases plant strength and develops amazing flowers.

In order to get the best possible results of Auto Boom by Boom Nutrients we recommend using around 1ml per liter of water during the first three weeks, afterwards increase the dose to 2.5ml per liter of water and then increase the dose every week during the entire process until it reaches a maximum of 3.5ml per liter of water. Stop usage 10-15 days before harvesting and proceed to flush the roots.

Candy Boom: This flowering stimulant enhances flavor and scent and increases yield due to its high sugar and carbs content. Its rich combination of beetroot, organic material, various types of plant extract, macro-elements and fulvic acids combined with nitrogen and potassium allows for better nutrient absorption and more compact flowers.

Use 2ml/L from the third flowering week onwards. From the 5th week onwards, increase to 3ml/L.

In order to quickly sort out nutrient deficiencies, you can also spray it using the lowest dose.

Super Boom: This fertilizer gives your plants enough phosphorus and potassium that it multiplies its cell walls resulting in bigger buds. 1ml/L max. should be used from the third flowering week onwards and stop usage 1 or 2 weeks before harvesting. Its NPK composition is 0-14-15.

Big Boom: This nutrient produces large and hefty buds, therefore yields increase considerably. Its high Pk (52-34) concentration is essential when growing autoflowering strains.

For best results, follow Boom Nutrients fertilizer table, as this additive should be used in conjunction with other base fertilizers and stimulants. We recommend using a bit less than the recommended amount due to its high PK. Keep in mind that this product’s dose for every 10L.

What you’ll receive with your order:

  • 3 autoflowering bulk seeds of your choice + 3 20L flowerpots
  • 5 autoflowering bulk seeds of your choice + 5 20L flowerpots
  • Roots Boom 250 ml., Auto Boom 1L, Super Boom 250ml and Big Boom 50g.
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Bon produit qui est vraiment complet pour la gamme autofloraison. Pratique et simple je recommande fortement ! Merci Growbarato


Kit completisimo!! en menos de un dia en casa y precio inmejorable!

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