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GB Christmas Hamper Draw
  •  GB Christmas Hamper Draw
  •  GB Christmas Hamper Draw
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When purchasing a Christmas Hamper Draw ticket, you’ll receive a number between 000 to 999, which will entitle you to take part in this draw with a prize valued in 3,000€. The winner will be the person who’s ticket number matches the last three digits of the Spanish Christmas Lottery 2021 (Loteria de Navidad). The results will be published on GB’s social networks on December 23.


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GB Christmas Hamper Draw

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GB Christmas Hamper Draw valued in 3,000€

GB The Green Brand is organizing the biggest draw of the cannabis grow shop sector. With Christmas and its classic Lottery coming soon, GB has prepared a draw to thank our customers for their loyalty. A 3,000€ hamper full of amazing products. It includes everything a grower would need, especially if they are paraphernalia and merchandising lovers, from the best grow shop in Spain. 

The winner’s name will be published on GB’s social networks on December 23

For most people in Spain, December 22 is a very special date. People gather excitedly around the tv or radio with their lottery tickets spread over the table hoping to win the Loteria de Navidad, it’s a ritual for most of us. GB has chosen that day to add more magic to these dates.

This raffle works in a very simple way. The tickets will be sold for 3€ and they’ll be numbered between 000 and 999 (both included). These numbers can only be bought once and they have to be linked to a real name to avoid problems on the draw day. The winner will be the person who’s ticket number coincides with the last 3 digits of the Gordo prize granted on December 22.

If no number coincides, the winner will be the one who’s number coincides with the second prize. And so on until the numbers of the fifth prizes, there will be a winner in any case. The name of the winner will be published on GB’s social networks on December 23, one day after the National Christmas draw.

A Hamper full of Presents to Round off Christmas

All you need for a full crop

This amazing GB Christmas hamper includes all you need to grow, harvest, dry, cure and preserve marijuana. A full grow kit with a grow tent, extractors, a GB Lighting 630W Pro LED System, a Boom Nutrients Full Pack, pots, phyto protectors, pH meters and 36 GB Strains seeds. It also includes a bud trimmer and different things to preserve your flowers in perfect shape.

Top brand paraphernalia 

As if this wasn’t enough, this hamper features a top-brand smoker set: a portable vaporizer, a hookah with included complements, RAW products, Clipper lighters, CBD flowers and GB The Green Brand CBD oil. Everything a cannabis lover would love to have.

Great quality merchandise

Apart from everything we have mentioned, Growbarato wants to gift the winner with an exclusive selection of GB The Green Brand merchandise. Smoker items like 4 in 1 rolling paper, assorted GB t-shirts, a grinder, a joint case and much more. All you need to wear the logo of the best grow shop with pride.

The GB Christmas hamper includes the following items:

  • 1 V-Box Pro grow tent (120 x 120 x 120 cm)
  • 1 VK Tubular extractor 125 mm (355 m3).
  • 1 Prima Klima 125 mm filter 240 m3 min-360 m3 max
  • 1 Flexible aluminium tube 127 mm (5 m).
  • 1 Analog timer
  • 1 Easy Roller pulley kit
  • 1 Helicoidal in-line extractor 125 (190 m3)
  • 2 Electrical cables 3 x 1.5 ( 1 m)
  • 1 Spare plug 4.8 mm
  • 1 Metal clamp 125 mm
  • 1 GB thermohygrometer  with big screen
  • 1 LED system 630 W
  • 1 Boom Nutrients full pack
  • 23 square pots 11 L
  • 1 Tripack Protección Boom 250 ml
  • 2 GB anti-odor spray bottles
  • 1 pH meter (Milwaukee PH600 CD611 Tool Case)
  • 2 Light Mix Boom (50 L)
  • 5 GB Strains fem packs with 6 seeds each: MAC | Unicorn Poop | Ice Cream Cake | Banana Waffelz | Fruntz.
  • 1 Pack of GB Strains Auto with 6 seeds: Auto Pluto
  • 1 Vortex V1 trimmer
  • 1 Plenty Portable vaporizer
  • 3 GB CBD Flowers (3g): Critica + | Blue Cheese | OG Kush CBD.
  • 1 GB CBD oil (5% CBD)
  • 1 RAW Duffel Cone backpack
  • 1 Egypt shisha 70 cm
  • 1 Piece Maker Unikorn
  • 1 Kahuna silicone bong
  • 15 4 in 1 gold rolling paper booklets
  • 10 GB Clippers (1 of each model)
  • 1 GB beach towel
  • 1 GB Psico sweater- white
  • 1 GB The Green Brand t-shirt- black
  • 1 GB Flag t-shirt - black
  • 1 GB wooden grinder 4 parts 60 mm
  • 1 smell proof GB case
  • 1 big GB rolling tray
  • 1 small GB rolling tray
  • 1 GB The Green Brand joint case
  • 1 GB The Green Brand POP tube
  • 1 GB Stickers King Size Slim Rolling Papers Green (box)
  • 1 GB Drawstring Backpack 
  • 1 GB facemask
  • Stickers (2 of each)
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Hace dos semanas que hice un pedido incluyendo 3 participaciones, cuanto tardaré en recibirlas?


Me encanta vuetra dedicación , y cada vez que compró un artículo ,lo bien detallado y embalaje que trae ,siempre tan atentos con esos regalos que traen en cada pedido, los comparo con el día de mi cumpleaños esperando que llegue el pedido .


Muchas gracias por la gran oportunidad! Compré 3 y ya me han mandado mis numeros!!! Suerte a todos! Gracias GB!!!


Hola Raul, Una vez el pago confirmado, usted tiene que recibir el número del boleto por email.
Si no es el caso, por favor contactar con Gracias, saludos !


Buenas compre un boleto en mi ultimo pedido y me a llegado todo correcto menos el boleto


Hola Daniel P.

Efectivamente, cada unidad que compráis es un numero.



Hola , he comprado tres tres cupones en una sola compra
Tendré tres números participación?


Hola Luis miguel.

Si, puede comprar tantos boletos como quiera hasta que se terminen las papeletas.


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Hola, se puede comprar más de uno?


Hola Bl4ck.

Para poder optar al primeo es necesario comprar este producto, donde se le otorgaría por vía mail el numero con el que participaría. Para mas información contacte al correo o bien al teléfono 96 206 62 98.

¡Un saludo!


En caso de no haber número asignado?
El ganador debe comprar esto, o por la compra de cualquier producto de la web ya entras?


Hola Aythami, los números se reparten según el orden de los pedidos, no se pueden elegir. Gracias, saludos !

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Hola buenas, quería saber cómo elegir el número, en la parte de comentarios del pedido? Y si es así? Si elijo un número ya escogido? Como lo cambiaria?

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