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All-in-1 Autoflowering

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Autofloreciente by Maria Green is an all-in-one fertilizer for autoflowering plants, which can be hard to feed sometimes due to their short life-span.

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Autofloreciente by Maria Green is quite the fertilizer, containing everything that your plants could possibly need during such a short life-span – it’s hard to feed autoflowering plants using other products designed for longer-flowering plants. Forget those complicated growing charts and get your hands on this efficient all-in-one product.

When growing autoflowering plants it can be quite hard to decipher growing charts and your plants can suffer due to this. With Autofloreciente by Maria Green you just need this one product for the entire process, getting absolutely amazing results.

This fertilizer gives your plants the macro and micro-elements that they need, as well as a little extra amino-acids that help your plants to simply function better.

You can also use it alongside Cogollos by Maria Green during the fattening phase too, in order to give your plants a little extra dose of PK.

There’s no need to combine complicated amounts of products with Autofloreciente – simply feed your plants with this product from start to finish and you’ll get amazing, 100% organic results.

Dosage and how to use Autoflowering by Maria Green:

  • Use once or twice a week at most, depending on your plants’ needs.
  • Use 2ml per liter of water once your plants have three sets of leaves.
  • Increase this to 3ml per liter once the first flowers start to show.
  • Add 4ml once the flowers have grown and need to fatten up.


  • 5%p/p total nitrogen.
  • 1,3%p/p nitric nitrogen.
  • 0,5%p/p ammonium nitrogen.
  • 0,7%p/p organic nitrogen.
  • 5% p/p (P²o⁵) water soluble phosphorous.
  • 6%p/p (K²O) water soluble potassium.
  • 0,3%p/p (MgO) water soluble magnesium.
  • 0,03%p/p (Fe) water soluble iron.
  • 0,02%p/p (Zn) water soluble zinc.
  • 0,025%p/p (Mn) water soluble manganese.
  • 0,0175%p/p (B) water soluble boron.
  • 0,003%p/p (Cu) water soluble copper.
  • 0,002%p/p (Mo) water soluble molybdenum.
  • 2%p/p free amino-acids.



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Boro S


En varios post he leído que con la tierra especial que le echamos a nuestras plantas automáticas no hace falta ningún tipo de abono; si le aplicó este líquido la estaria sobre alimentando y perjudicando?


muy completo

Lo he usado en varias autos y siempre ha marcado la diferencia dándole el alimento que necesitan para crecer fuertes y sin carencias

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