GB Lighting LED Panel Pro 250 W

GB Lighting LED Panel Pro 250 W
  •  GB Lighting LED Panel Pro 250 W
  • OSRAM Duris S5 purple diodes
  • GB Lighting LED Panel Pro 240 W Back View
  • Plug & play Shucko plug
  •  GB Lighting LED Panel Pro 250 W
  • OSRAM Duris S5 purple diodes
  • GB Lighting LED Panel Pro 240 W Back View
  • Plug & play Shucko plug
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LED Panel Pro 250 by GB Lighting is a professional indoor grow luminaire. Its full luminous spectrum makes it a perfect option during growing and flowering phases.


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GB Lighting LED Panel Pro 250 W

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LED Panel Pro 250W by GB Lighting is a powerful luminaire aimed at maximizing professional indoor grows. Thanks to its advanced driver technology and its 560 Samsung CRI90 diodes with high chromatic performance,  this LED lighting product will seriously increase indoor yields in reduced spaces. Its components guarantee less heat levels and more economical savings in comparison to other lighting systems. This panel ensures total discretion as decibels generated inside the grow room will be slightly lower than HPS systems.

 Big Indoor Yields with Led Panel Pro 250 W

This full spectrum LED luminaire is suitable throughout all plants’ vital cycles as it features a 3000K color temperature that ensures the most adequate lighting during the different growing and flowering phases. It has 60000 hours of useful life, a 120° beam angle and a 2.2 µmol efficiency.

One of the major improvements that this product features are the new OSRAM Duris S5 purple diodes. They offer greater lighting capacity than the previous model and also boost the production of A and B Chlorophyll. The driver has also improved, it now has higher water resistance and a protection system against electrical overload.

This LED Panel Pro 250 W has a highly efficient electronic built-in driver with an aluminium ultra thin heat dissipator and a Plug & Play input for the included Schuko connector. This item’s technology features Inventronics Drivers, which guarantee correct functioning with a 250 W output and room temperature ranging between -40° to 55°C.

GB Lighting, High Efficiency and Easy to Use

Led Panel Pro 250 W stands out for its big size, just one luminaire will cover a 100 x 100 surface. In order for plants to achieve an optimum development throughout their different life cycles, panels should be placed 30-40 cm from the tips of the plants during the vegetative stage, and they should be at 20-30 cm for the flowering phase.

To correctly connect this powerful luminaire, the yellow and green cord have to be inserted in the Schuko ground connection. Likewise, the blue (neuter) and brown (phase) cords can be indistinctly connected. In regards to the Würth IP54 plug that’s included with this GB Lighting Panel, it is made of rigid rubber, it comes with pre-loose screws and it offers a considerable resistance to sunlight and chemical agents. It includes an improved suspension system.

To prevent LED Panel Pro from malfunctioning, diodes shouldn’t be touched under any circumstances and it shouldn’t be leaned against the floor or any other surface. Can’t get wet or handled when connected to the power. Diodes are so powerful that it is not recommended to stare directly at the panel when turned on as it could damage retinas.

Led Panel Pro 250W technical specifications:


  • Dimensions: 59 x 28 cm.
  • Full spectrum panel.
  • 560 Samsung CRI90 diodes.
  • 120° Beam angle.
  • Efficiency: 2.2 µmol/j.
  • Useful life: 60000 hours.
  • Color temperature: 3000K.
  • EUM Inventronics Drivers technology.
  • Schuko (Plug & Play) with incorporated short circuit plug.
  • 2 meters of cable included.
  • Ultra thin aluminium heat dissipator.
  • Functioning: 50-60 Hz.
  • Voltage 100-250 v input, 18-57 output.
  • Amperage: 0.63 A.
  • 280 W input power and 250 W output power.
  • Room temperature: -40 to 55°C.
  • Case temperature: ≤ 90 ° C.
  • Made in Spain.
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Hola,buenos dias. Hacéis envíos a Suiza de estos paneles? Gracias .




Gasto luminico más o menos mensual ?
Con un ciclo normal de crecimiento y floracion

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- Muy buen Panel LED Pro 240w GB Lighting, muy buena relación calidad/precio
- Se ve un foco grande y de buenos materiales
- Envío impecable como siempre
- Me ha faltado más cable, ya que solo venían unos 30cm y para poder sacar el enchufe del armario serían mejor unos 2metros
- Me han faltado un par de ganchos donde poder anclar las poleas (trae 4 agujeros para colgar, pero ningún gancho o alambre para coger de esos 4 agujeros)

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A que potencia de SODIO sería equivalente.

  • 6 out of 10 people found this review useful.

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