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PowerZyme by Hesi is an enzyme complex to clean the substrate of mineral salts and organic compounds.The root area will be healthier this way.


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Product description

PowerZyme by Hesi is an additive consisting of an enzyme complex that’s used to clean the substrate of salts and accumulated organic compounds to improve the health of the root zone of your plants. It also activates the beneficial life in the soil, microorganisms that form symbiotic relationships with your plants by exchanging chemical compounds and protecting each other.

This product contains only 100% water-soluble, natural ingredients so you can use it, without risk of obstructing anything, with any automatic irrigation system. It’s compatible with all kinds of substrates and growing media, so you can add it to the irrigation water in coco or soil, or you can add it to the nutrient tank in your hydroponic and aeroponic crops.

It activates soil microorganisms and takes advantage of the harmful substances in the substrate. It will transform waste such as old roots, decaying organic remains or mineral salts, into nutrients, forcing the plant to better absorb them while improving the health of the roots. It decomposes the old roots by transforming them into sugars in order to form new roots.

You can check the detailed growing programme by Hesi, combining it with other fertilizers and growth and flowering supplements. You can also combine it with any product of any brand in order to improve the taste of your buds.

Dosage and usage of Power Zyme by Hesi:

  • Add 2 mL per litre of water.
  • Apply 1 to 2 times a week.

Composition of PowerZyme by Hesi

  • Trichoderma viride cellulase extract.


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      PowerZyme by Hesi is an enzyme complex to clean the substrate of mineral salts and organic compounds.The root area will be healthier this way.

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