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Top Crop Complete Kit
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Top Crop Complete Kit

Top Crop Complete Kit

62,40 €

78,00 €

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Top Crop Complete Kit

An economical fertilizer kit for those growers looking for the best quality at an inexpensive price. It contains all the nutrients and additives necessary for an abundant and quality crop.


78,00 €

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62,40 €

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Product description

Top Crop Complete Kit includes all the fertilizers and additives required to cover an entire cycle of your plants. Everything you need to get fantastic flowers of the greatest quality. Top Crop products are 100% natural and will ensure you a totally organic crop.

The kits includes all the products of the Top Crop range to provide you quality and good weight. The kit allows you to supply your plants all they need from the moment you germinate seeds to the harvest. Get the best flavor that only 100% organic fertilizers can achieve.

The products included are:

  • Deeper Underground. A rooting agent for the first days and transplanting. It helps plants grow roots very fast so that the nutrient uptake is increased and takes place in a shorter time. You'll see how the vegetative growth of the plant speeds up.
  • Top Veg is the growth base fertilizer for the vegetative stage. When you use it you'll see your plants growing by the day. It contains all the basic nutrients needed by your plant.
  • Super Guano is a natural PK source. Since it is a slow absorption product, we'll add it to the soil of our plants at the start of the bloom so that it is available when the fattening period starts, about a month after. 
  • Big One is a powerful growth booster that supplies many micro-elements and organic substances that accelerate internal processes of your plants. We'll use it at the beginning of the bloom so that it starts forming resin as soon as possible.
  • Top Bloom is the base fertilizer for the flowering stage. We'll start using t when the plant starts showing flowers, changing the proportions of the different nutrients. It will lower the levels of nitrogen while it will increase the levels of phosphorous and potassium.
  • Top Candy will supply the sugars that will make our weed denser and tastier. Our plants will find it easy to create phenols, the smelly particles responsible for the taste and aroma of marijuana.
  • Barrier is an additive with loaded with silicon and potassium which will help us protect our plants all over the growing cycle, giving them strength to put up with high temperatures, strong winds and even pests and fungi attacks.
  • Top Vulcan is a powder with numerous trace-elements to enrich the soil when the plant has already assimilated almost every nutrient in it.

In short, this is a complete kit to get the best quality without spending too much. Rest assured you will be giving your plants only 100% organic and environmentally-friendly products.

The kit includes:

  • 1 L of Top Veg (growth fertilizer)
  • 1 L of Top Bloom (bloom fertilizer)
  • 1 L of Top Candy (sugars to improve aroma and taste)
  • 250 ml of Deeper Underground (radicular system booster)
  • 1 kg of Super Guano (100% organic product to fatten buds)
  • 700 g of Top Vulcan (soil enriching agent)
  • 250 ml of Big One (bloom booster)
  • 1 L of Barrier (nutritional complement to improve the structure of the plant)

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Salva P

Kit completo a un buen precio

decir que me llego un bote abierto y con un poco de producto derramado aún que no le doy importancia..en cuanto al kit la verdad que lo tiene todo y encima ahora con la fórmula mejorada,en cuanto al servicio por parte de Growshop de 10 lo pedí un lunes a las 4 y al día siguiente a las 10 ya lo tenía en casa y para mi sorpresa dos regalos una auto widow y un bote de Green Sensation de plagron muy contento sin duda cuando necesite algo lo compraré de aquí buenos humos ✌️

victor Q


Puedo hacer el pedido el kit pero quitando el humano y el volcán???. A cuanto me saldría ayuda por FA.



Buen kit



Hola soy de Mexico me interesa mucho su kit pero no se si hacen envíos me gustaría mucho obtenerlo



Buenos Días.
Disculpe mi ignorancia. ¿hacen envíos a Chile?

Pedro ivan O

Muy satisfecho

envío rápido son gente muy responsable y encima una auto de regalo auto Widow pero no sé si es la clave o la mini porque no lo especifica el envase solo pone auto widow pero todo perfecto llevo varias compras aquí y cuando necesite algo lo volveré a hacer un saludo y buenos humos


Top crop

Perfecto envío soy de canarias


Buen servicio

Son mui buenos los productos, rapidos de envio y los regalillos, aconsejo comprar aki :))

El chico

Top Crop

Soy un novato! Pero el servicio muy bueno ! Rapidez de entrega, regalo incluido, algo que no me esperaba ! Cuando necesite algo lo cogeré aki sin duda





para nestor

Buenos días, este kit te va perfecto para un cultivo completo sea of green de 1,2m2 de interior. Un saludo



alguien me podria decir para cuantas autos me daria con un pack solo o me hace falta un pack por planta?


Envíos a otros países?

Realizan envíos a Chile.?


el mejor servicio!!!

ya tengo el kit en casa y mas pronto de lo que yo me pensaba,muchas gracias

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Top Crop Complete Kit

Top Crop Complete Kit

An economical fertilizer kit for those growers looking for the best quality at an inexpensive price. It contains all the nutrients and additives necessary for an abundant and quality crop.

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