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GB The Green Brand wants to accompany you during the most important project of your life. Since the first GB store was founded, more than 10 years ago, we have become market leaders in the cannabis sector differentiating us from our competition with more than 30 franchises in Spain, Portugal and south américa Would you like to join the GB family?

GB The Green Brand is an example of perseverance, dedication and passion at a business level. Founded in the Valencian town of Canals a decade ago, that small shop grew year by year to become one of the leading grow shops in Spain and other regions of Europe and Latin America. This unstoppable expansion is based on the successful franchise programme, currently with more than 30 physical shops.

According to the latest European Cannabis Report, corresponding to the 2020 financial year, the value of the European cannabis market will reach 403.4 million euros by the end of 2021. Likewise, the legislative advances that are taking place throughout the Old Continent only increase optimism for the coming years, as it is expected that this value will increase to 3.2 billion euros by 2025. This forecast increases dramatically by 2030, where it is expected to consolidate an industry valued at more than 16,000 million euros.

Why choose GB to open a franchise?

Opening a franchise under the name GB The Green Brand, formerly known as Growbarato, is synonymous with guaranteed success. This is because it allows you to offer the best products for the self-cultivation of marijuana at an affordable and competitive price. In addition, the entire GB team, headed by the CEO and expansion director, Erik Collado, is always available to attend to the doubts and suggestions of all franchisees, offering quick and effective solutions for any type of problem or request.

Finding the most suitable place to open a new franchise is possible thanks to the exhaustive market research carried out by GB's commercial department. The Green Brand name has managed to establish itself as one of the benchmark brands in the cannabis market in Spain, as more and more customers are requesting a physical shop in their area or are not satisfied with the price and service of other similar establishments.

Regarding the products offered by GB, it should be noted that it has more than 15,000 items in its catalogue, many of which belong to the best brands on the market in terms of seeds, fertilisers, substrates, lighting systems and other items related to self-cultivation.

In this sense, the growth and consolidation of GB The Green Brand within the cannabis market are endorsed by the creation of different own brands such as GB Seeds, the distinguished GB Strains seed bank, as well as GB Lighting, a name that encompasses its innovative and efficient lighting systems for professional use in indoor crops. It is also worth mentioning the projection of Boom Nutrients, a brand created in 2019 that currently enjoys a recognised prestige by the vast majority of growers.

Franquicias Grow Shop GB

Franquicias Grow Shop GB

Affordable and profitable investment

GB The Green Brand offers an interesting business opportunity, with an affordable investment and high guarantees of success. Thanks to the enthusiasm, hard work and dedication, added to GB's unbeatable prices, no franchise has invested more money than the initial amount since its opening, achieving a stable situation after 12-14 months.

If you consider yourself with entrepreneurial skills and want to acquire the necessary knowledge through our KNOW HOW and personalized training, the time has come to take a step forward and join the GB The Green Brand movement.

Unconditional and personalised support

If you need any kind of information about the functioning, values, mission and short, medium and long-term objectives of the GB The Green Brand family, you can visit any of our physical shops throughout Spain. Beyond the economic investment, all associates must share the GB spirit, offering personalised and close attention, leaving the brand name in a good place.

If you have the necessary knowledge to embark on this exciting project, we will help you in every one of the most important aspects. We will show you how our shops work internally, and you will be able to visit any of them to see how they work daily, offering complete and detailed training.

Franquicias Grow Shop GB

A proven model of success

Come and see first-hand the turnover of each of the GB branches, where you will understand why we are a reliable and secure business, where investment is quickly recovered and expansion is unstoppable and constant. The self-cultivation sector is advancing by leaps and bounds, as more and more growers are claiming their right to grow their cannabis seeds, using top-quality fertilisers, additives and other related products. As with marijuana cultivation, now is the time to see your success in the cannabis industry blossom into a unique opportunity and a completely profitable business.

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Franquicias Grow Shop GB

If you wish to form part of our Grow Shop franchises at GB The Green Brand, all you have to do is get in touch with us by way of the formula on the webpage, or by sending us an email to or by calling +34633320442 where we will be happy to answer any question or concern you may have when it comes to setting up your own GB franchise.