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GROW SHOP FRANCHISES began as a small shop in Canals (Valencia) and has continued to grow little by little to become one of the most recognized grow shops in the country and even on an international level. By way of lots of hard work and dedication, we have formed a chain of Grow Shops in Spain capable of expanding and reaching all of our clients with different shops across the country.

Why set up a franchise with

Our shops have prices that will make it a sure success wherever you decide to set up, furthermore, you can always count on the support of Erik Collado (Director of Growbarato) in order to find the right place in each town or city. Our name is widely known and there are more and more clients that are asking for a shop in their region, be it to avoid the expensive costs, because they can’t find the products they want, because of the delay in shipping, or simply because they don’t get the customer service they need when they go to make their purchases.

Affordable Investment

We offer you the business opportunity that you have been waiting for, to be your own boss in a grow shop, starting out with a very modest investment compared to the money that this sector makes daily and with guaranteed success. This business needs eagerness and enthusiasm on your part and it will all work out fine - the prices will do the rest. No franchise has had to put up more money than what they originally invested in their shop, and all yield and work perfectly in about 6 and a half months.

If you are a good grower, you are passionate about the world of marijuana and its cultivation, you see yourself able to advise your clients and give them the treatment you never got in your old grow shop, now you have the chance to set up your own Growbarato franchise.

A Support System that assures your success

In all GrowBarato shops, you will be attended to by professionals in the sector; having the money doesn't meant you can instantly open shop. We also need people who open a chain of ours to continue upholding our good name and reputation, since it only takes one franchise to affect all of us at Growbarato.exito grow shop

If you have knowledge about growing and you know how plants work, we will do the rest. We will show you how it all works here, you can come to our shop in Valencia so you see how we work for a few days and we will educate you so that you are fully prepared for the day you open your own Grow Shop. You’ll see how we operate, how we work with the franchises and the true day to day on an internal level at our shops.

Success Proved

When you see the amount of work going on in all of Growbarato's departments you will understand why this is a secure and trustworthy business, and that you will earn back all the money invested. Every day the Marijuana Grow world advances and each time there are more people who are reclaiming their rights by planting their own grows with their seeds, soils and fertilizers. Here is where you come in, helping these people who will seek you out for advice; your job is to show them how to grow and how to have a successful harvest.

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If you wish to form part of our Grow Shop franchises at GrowBarato.Net, all you have to do is get in contact with us by way of the formula on the webpage, or by sending us an email to or by calling 633 320 442 where we will be happy to answer any question or concern you may have when it comes to setting up your own Growbarato franchise.