Enjoy your TV channel TeleGrow Barato

TeleGrow Barato, now has a video channel

We are debuting our TeleGrow Barato channel on Youtube!

Growbarato.net, opens its channel on Youtube for all its clients from the store and other growers. We thought the best way to explain the forms of using or setting up our products is with video, and who better than some experts in the field to explain things as many times as you need in our channel TeleGrow Barato, your favorite Grow Shop. On our Youtube channel you will see the best new products, how to use your liquids or fertilizers for your marijuana grow, how to set up your kits or your grow closets, sales and promotions on our webpage, events, grow videos and a lot more.

We will be uploading videos of our products every week, in order to quickly have a good Youtube channel of our Grow Shop where our clients can find the answers they are looking for with a straightforward video about any product or way of setting up something from our webpage, and if it isn’t there, you can suggest videos you want us to do by sending us a message to our channel, telling us the topic about what you want us to cover in a video and we will do it as soon as possible.

With everyone’s help, we’re sure we can make an interesting channel that is fit for all types of growers, from the most novice up to the veteran grower. We always have something to learn from each other and what better way than with some explanatory videos about all types of things, since the newbies need to know just about everything, and the veterans need to keep up with the new things coming out, that could improve your grows.

Firstly, we will try to put up video tutorials for the products on our page and then we will be uploading explanatory videos about watering techniques, how to apply your products, explaining cultivation systems, videos with measurements on the grow spaces, Ph and Ec measurements and all kinds of examples that we will see very soon on the TeleGrow Barato Youtube channel.

We will try to surprise you with the best marijuana cultivation tricks and tip, how to maximize your space, protect our crops from insects and fungus, how to do different types of pruning or how to take clones the easiest way possible. On the Youtube channel made by Grow Barato you will find all the helpful videos about our products.

You should keep an eye out, at any moment we could launch a new sale or promotion during our videos, doing giveaways of grow products, marijuana seeds, it’s even been rumoured that we are going to give away a TV to celebrate our opening, you can also visit us in Spannabis 2015. Keep watching the videos and then you just have to stop by one of our Grow Shops to see about your TV.

Soon we will record our tutorial videos about marijuana cultivation and we’ll put a television in our Grow Shop in Valencia so that our clients can watch it while they visit us and shop.

We will also be adding downloads of our marijuana grow videos, so that you can see our videos on DVD on the TV we’re giving away as a prize or on your own and you learn to cultivate your home grow.

All the videos on our GrowBarato television channel are done with the objective of self use, and self supply. The objectives you use them for are your responsibility, so don’t go crazy on the massive grows guys!

For many, apart from marijuana’s recreational use, it is also a medicine that alleviates their pain, returns their appetite, or simply gives them the strength to move on or do new things, like for a person with depression. On our Youtube channel, we teach how to use marijuana in a medicinal way that you can control, dosify, since smoking a joint or vaporizing marijuana doesn’t have an exact dosis you can take. Apart from that, you don’t only consume by inhaling a vapor or smoking, there are many alternative like oils and creams that they use with the same goal, without affecting your lungs and without the psychoactive effect of the THC, in time we will explain all the different way on our Grow Barato channel.

All growers should grow their own, and that would end the unnecessary lucrative activity many hold over our beloved plant. Here on our channel at TeleGrow Barato, you will learn how to do it from beginning to the very end of harvest, and you will even learn what to do after, cure the buds, make BHO extracciones for those who use marijuana as medicine.

Apart from the one in Valencia, we are already 10 shops spread out over Spain. You can come visit us in any one of them and get to know our workmates, have them assess you so that your marijuana grow is the best it can be, and they may even put a TV in their Grow Shop so that the clients can see the videos in our shops.

You can visit us in Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona, Girona and Ibiza and buy our products at the same prices as on our webpage.

And in last place, we are waiting for your comments and suggestions so that we can have a better TeleGrow Shop marijuana cultivation channel, that will be by Grow Barato.

You can watch our videos on the TeleGrow Barato channel, press here.