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General Terms and Conditions

Prior Contractual Information

The present webpage is property of GROWBARATO DISTRIBUCIONES SL, CIF B98767239, with the fiscal address AVENIDA ESPIOCA, Nº199 46460, SILLA (VALENCIA).

The General Contractual conditions regulate the relation of distance sales between GROWBARATO DISTRIBUCIONES SL and the customer or client, in accord with legal stipulations, in particular Law 7/1998, 13th of April, concerning General Contractual Conditions, Law 3/2014, 27th of March which is modified by the consolidated text of General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users, the Organic Law 15/1999 13th of December, of Protection of Privacy and personal Data, and Law 7/1996, 15th of January by the Organization of Retail Trade, and Law 34/2002 11th of July by Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce.

GROWBARATO DISTRIBUCIONES SL reserves the right to modify without warning, if deemed necessary, these General Terms and Conditions. These modifications can be made through their websites or through any legally admissible manner and they will be under obligatory compliance for as long as they remain on the website and until they are subsequently validly modified. Notwithstanding, GROWBARATO DISTRIBUCIONES SL reserves the right to apply, in specific cases, preferential Special Contractual Conditions over the present Contractual Conditions when opportune, announcing such changes at an opportune time and in an opportune way.

The website’s objective is to publish and offer gardening products. The contract will be binding once the product has been delivered notwithstanding withdrawal rights.

As a customer or client you declare to expressly know, understand and accept the terms of use and the general contractual terms. Thereof, you knowingly declare that you are of legal age and have the legal and acting capacity to access GROWBARATO DISTRIBUCIONES SL websites, as well as the contract contained within.
To acquire our products, you can go to the corresponding section of our online shop.

A non-negotiable requisite is that you must register on our webpage to be able to order products online. You can access the corresponding registration section on our webpage. Under the provisions of the Organic Law 15/1999 of Protection of Privacy and personal Data, GROWBARATO DISTRIBUCIONES SL informs its users that the personal data collected during the registration process and hereafter order, will be kept in a file which will be under the responsibility of GROWBARATO DISTRIBUCIONES SL, with the objective of processing aforementioned actions made by the user and managing operations and derivations therein. Additionally, GROWBARATO DISTRIBUCIONES SL informs of the possibility of exercising access, rectification, cancellation and objection rights by means of sending a letter to AVENIDA ESPIOCA, Nº199 46460, SILLA (VALENCIA) or by sending an email to
As long as you do not state anything to the contrary, we understand that your details have not been modified, that you will let us know if they are and that we have permission to use them for the purpose of promoting loyalty between both parties.

During the purchasing process you will have to identify yourself with your username and password. These details will not be made public. It is your responsibility to keep the username and password obtained during registration confidential, not allowing anyone else to have access to them. You can modify registered information at any moment in the client section of our page. In that same section you will have access to your order history; this section is just for consultations but you can manage and delete orders that you do not wish to appear in your history.

Once the purchasing process has been finalized, the customer will receive email confirmation of the purchase. It is essential for the customer to use a valid email address during the purchasing process. If after 24 hours you haven’t received any confirmation, get in contact with GROWBARATO DISTRIBUCIONES SL by means of our customer service hotline or by sending an email to

All of our web content is in Spanish, available also in English, French and Italian.

Customers will receive a receipt or copy of the order once they receive their order at the established address.

Offers and Validity

In the case when a product is on offer, it will be indicated next to its essential characteristics and the offer price.

In accordance with current regulations GROWBARATO DISTRIBUCIONES SL offers information, characteristics and prices on all articles being sold from their web page. Notwithstanding, GROWBARATO DISTRIBUCIONES SL reserves the right to withdraw, restock or change products they offer on their web page by simply changing the web page’s content. Thereof, the products offered at any given moment on the web page abide by the standing General Contractual Conditions in each case. In this manner, the company has the right and capacity to, without warning and at any time, cease offering access to specific products.

Essential Product Characteristics

The products on sale on our webpage are displayed with a photo and their essential characteristics, which is information obtained from the manufacturer. The color of the product shown in the photographs is not binding. The color is identified in the characteristics.


All products on the web page have a commercial warranty given by their provider. GROWBARATO DISTRIBUCIONES SL has an after-sales service, and as long as your products warranty is valid you can use it by going straight to GROWBARATO DISTRIBUCIONES SL, the after-sales service, or by getting in touch via email with, or at places established by the provider. If you’re unsure you can get in contact with our customer services line or by sending an email to


All products on our website are priced in euros, VAT included (Value Added Tax).

If any other taxes are applicable, there will be an indication.

Delivery Expenses and Transport

National peninsular shipping

We pay for shipping on all purchases above 50€ ordered within the Iberian Peninsula. Orders less than 50€ come with a 6€ shipping charge.

You can also pay by COD, which has a commission that goes to the transport company for managing the payment transaction. The commission is 3% of your total order price and a minimum of 3€.  

payment transaction. The commission is 3% of your total order price and a minimum of 3€. This commission is entirely independent from delivery expenses, and users will be charged if this option is chosen. .

Balearic Islands

In the case of the Balearic Islands, we will pay for part of the delivery cost and the client covers the rest. Once you go to the checkout on the webpage, you will see the exact cost.

Canary Islands

Delivery Expenses to the Canary Islands are automatically calculated on the web page, in accord with the products’ total weight. We cover the proportional expense of what it would cost to send to the Peninsula.

When selecting a country, choose España Canarias.

COD commission is not available for deliveries to the Canary Islands.

Deliveries to the Canary Islands have a delivery time of 5 – 15 days, and the delivery will be sent through Certified Post. You will be provided with the delivery number which you can check on  

The delivery time has a lot to do with Correos’ delivery time.

European Union

Only valid if the country where you live appears in the list available when buying the product – The webpage will automatically calculate the delivery price.

For countries that don’t appear on our webpage, get in contact with us through so that we can inform you about the specific delivery options for your country.

South America

We send seeds, vaporizers and other small products to South America.

Delivery costs vary between 8€ and 30€, depending on what delivery choice you pick. (Normal or Urgent)

The customer must be informed of their countries laws regarding seeds and other products on our webpage, as it might be considered a criminal offence in the receiving country.

For more detailed information about how to order, get in touch with us at

Payment methods and Order Processing


All operations involving bank transfers or transferring personal details are done in a safe, secure environment; a server based on SSL technology (Secure Sockets Layer). All of the information you provide us with is completely coded when it goes through the network. Your bank details are sent directly to the bank’s page, in the POS Terminal (Point-of-sale) and they don’t pass through and are not registered on any GROWBARATO DISTRIBUCIONES SL servers.

When paying with VISA or MASTERCARD, the following details will be solicited: card number, expiry date, and the three digit validation code which can be found on the back of your MASTERCARD or VISA, making for a more secure transaction. This payment method is only valid for our webpage.

If a charge on your card turns out to be fraudulent or your card number has been unknowingly used, the card holder will be able to immediately cancel the charge. In this case, the corresponding payment and return notifications will swiftly appear in both the provider and the card-holder’s accounts.

Nonetheless, if the order has been done by the card holder and the return demand hasn’t been done as a consequence of exercising the right to withdrawal or right to terminate, the annulment of the charges would have been incorrectly solicited, and the card-holder would be obligated to pay an indemnification to GROWBARATO DISTRIBUCIONES SL due to damages caused by the annulment.

Bank Transfer

If you have chosen bank transfer as a payment method, you will receive, along with a confirmation email, an email with GROWBARATO DISTRIBUCIONES SL’s bank details.

It’s important that when you are transferring the money you have to indicate your order number in the subject, as well as your name and surname(s). You must also do the transfer within 3 days after the confirmation date to make it valid.

If preferred, you can send us the transfer receipt by fax or by email at Either way, the order won’t be considered official until our administration department has a confirmation of the transfer.

Reminder: The payment must be done in EUROS and that all of the equivalent exchanges and bank charges will come from your account.

If transferring from outside of Spain, it’s extremely important to let your bank know that they should take care of commissions at origin, such as any bank commissions or charges corresponding to their entity. If this is not done, GROWBARATO DISTRIBUCIONES SL could stop the shipment because of not having received full pay. All commissions fall under the customer’s responsibility.

Direct Debit

If you’re already a client and this isn’t your first purchase, you can choose this payment method and GROWBARATO DISTRIBUCIONES SL will process your bill directly to your bank, to the account number previously provided for such transactions.

If this is your first time buying, you can contact us at or by calling out customer service line.

COD – cash on delivery

If you wish, we can send you your order to be payed by COD, meaning you pay when you receive it. This option has an extra commission that goes to the transport company for managing the payment. The commission will be 3% of the total price, minimum 3€.  

GROWBARATO DISTRIBUCIONES SL commits to delivery within 24 AND 48 HOURS starting from the day that the order is confirmed via telephone or email.

Availability of GROWBARATO DISTRIBUCIONES SL products may vary depending on customer demand. Even though GROWBARATO DISTRIBUCIONES SL restocks periodically, the specific product that the customer is looking for might be out of stock at that time. If a customer can’t order due to unavailability, GROWBARATO DISTRIBUCIONES SL will notify the customer as soon as it’s made aware of the situation. This notification will take a maximum of 30 days to come through.

GROWBARATO DISTRIBUCIONES SL offers these options: provide the customer, without raising the price, a product that has similar or better characteristics, or, without justifiable, provable reasons by part of GROWBARATO DISTRIBUCIONES SL during the established period, they can also return the money that was payed for the cancelled shipment. If GROWBARATO DISTRIBUCIONES SL doesn’t reimburse the customer within the established period, the customer will be able to demand double his or her money back without any prejudice to his or her right to compensation.

Right to withdrawal, Refunds and Complaints.

Customers have a minimum period of 14 natural days to withdraw, from the day they receive the product, without any kind of penalization or justification.
When exercising your right to withdraw, it should be done by notification by phone or messaging, forwarding your notification to our postal address, AVENIDA ESPIOCA Nº199 46460, SILLA (VALENCIA), or by filling out a withdrawal form..
According to article 103 of Law 3/2014, 27th of March which is modified by the consolidated text of General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users, the supply of goods made to the consumer’s specifications or clearly personalized, or which are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly are exempt of right to withdrawal.

- Returns

The customer must return or bring their product directly to GROWBARATO DISTRIBUCIONES SL, to AVENIDA ESPIOCA Nº199 46460, SILLA (VALENCIA), without any unjust damage and within 14 natural days after the date in which the right of withdrawal was made formal. Customers must pay for shipping when returning products.

The products you wish to return must be in perfect conditions, unused and in their original packaging. We strongly recommend making sure that the package is completely secured and protected to avoid issues when transporting. Once the product has been received, we will check the state that it’s in. Once we’ve checked that the product(s) are intact and in good condition, like accessories, components, promotional gifts and documentation, then the money will be returned to the customer’s account.

- Refunds

Refunds will be made using the same payment method that the customer used when buying the product as long as another method has not been solicited. GROWBARATO DISTRIBUCIONES SL can keep the refund until the product has arrived or until the client hands in a returns receipt. .

In the case of an unjustified delay by part of GROWBARATO DISTRIBUCIONES SL, customers can demand double the amount of the initially stated refund without running the risk of being indemnified for damages caused.

- Returning a defective product

In the case that a product a client receives is not in good shape and the damage was not caused by the client, then the client has the right to return it, letting GROWBARATO DISTRIBUCIONES SL know the conditions of why you’re returning the product through any of the previously mentioned contact methods. Returning a defective product doesn’t fall under withdrawal or cancellation. .

GROWBARATO DISTRIBUCIONES SL will take care of shipping costs and will also replace the product according to the accepted conditions when the sale was made.

If the customer would like to make a complaint, GROWBARATO DISTRIBUCIONES SL is on AVENIDA ESPIOCA º199 46460, SILLA (VALENCIA) or alternatively you can email us at


GROWBARATO DISTRIBUCIONES SL reserves the right to civil or penal claims that it considers appropriate due to incorrect use of their website and content, or for failing to follow the previously stated conditions.

The relationship between user and service provider is governed by current regulations applicable in Spanish territory. In case of controversy, both parties can resolve their issue by arbitration or through ordinary jurisdiction, following jurisdiction rules. GROWBARATO DISTRIBUCIONES SL is located in VALENCIA, Spain.