Payment methods

Various payment options:


bank transfer logo

One may pay the total cost of the purchase, paying by Bank Transfer to BBVA or to Banco Santander. Payment by transfer should be made out to Erik Collado Vidal to the account number that you will receive by email upon finalizing the purchase process. Once the payment is verified, we will proceed to ship the merchandise immediately.

Remember to inclide your order number in the transfer concept.


  • ES13 0182 0540 6402 0156 8502
  • Beneficiary: Growbarato Distribuciones.


  • Account holder: Growbarato distribuciones S.L.
  • Address: Avenida Espioca nº 199 46460 Silla (Valencia) España


  • IBAN: ES87 0081 1476 1800 0118 3728
  • Beneficiary: Growbarato Distribuciones.


  • Account holder: Growbarato distribuciones s.l.
  • Address: Avenida Espioca nº 199 46460 Silla (Valencia) España

Deposit in BBVA:

You may make a deposit in the account from an ATM or BBVA office with the following data:

  • ES13 0182 0540 6402 0156 8502.
  • Beneficiary: Erik Collado Vidal.
  • Concept: Indicate the Order Number.


credit card logoYou can pay using a credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro…). This is the most used payment method, as it’s instant and we pack and ship all orders instantly in order to guarantee 24h shipping (only in Spain).


logo cash on deliveryThis method is only available for orders in mainland Spain, and it allows you to pay for your delivery once you receive the package. The delivery service charges 2% total price of your order with a minimum of 2€ for this service. If you make an order of this type but it ends up being returned, we won’t be able to offer this service again. Only valid for mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands.


pay by cash logo

You can also pay by cash via mail service by sending us a letter with the money. However, this type of payment can often be tricky, especially when sent from outside of Spain, so there are a series of requirements to meet to make sure that your money gets here safely, alongside a few tips to be extra safe:

-Please try to send the exact amount, no coins, just paper bills; if you don’t send the exact amount in bills, please round up. It’s a fact that letters with coins in them have a much lower chance of actually reaching their destination. No coins in the envelope make for a lighter envelope and no clanging sounds so it can easily slip right through undetected. You can also wrap it in tin foil to avoid it being seen if scanned.

-Always use registered post. This is important so that you can track it at all times with a tracking number. If you can place some sort of cardboard or something else rigid in the envelope to make it sturdier that would also be a good idea.

-As said before, this is the most inefficient way to pay and there may be issues with sending or receiving your letter. is not responsible for any misplacement of payments made by mail when they are en route.

Other things to keep in mind: won’t ship your order until we’ve received payment in full to our headquarters; we highly recommend checking the quantity again, and double checking, before sending.

-We record every single envelope that comes through, taking video evidence of when we open them to have it on record. We recommend taking a picture before sending it just in case there’s an issue, we can use both pictures to check.

-Once we’ve received the money and it has been processed, your order will be shipped within 24h (for mainland Spain only).