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Payment Methods

Various payment options:

Bank Transfer:

One may pay the total cost of the purchase, paying by Bank Transfer to BBVA or to Banco Santander. Payment by transfer should be made out to Erik Collado Vidal to the account number that you will receive by email upon finalizing the purchase process. Once the payment is verified, we will proceed to ship the merchandise immediately.


  • IBAN: ES13 0182 0540 6402 0156 8502
  • Beneficiary: Erik Collado Vidal.


  • IBAN: ES87 0081 1476 1800 0118 3728
  • Beneficiary: Erik Collado Vidal.

Deposit in BBVA: 

You may make a deposit in the account from an ATM or BBVA office with the following data:

  • ES13 0182 0540 6402 0156 8502.
  • Beneficiary: Erik Collado Vidal.
  • Concept: Indicate the Order Number.


In Cash

efectivoOnly available for pick-up of products and items in our shops, not our online store.

See Shop Locations Here.


Credit Card

 efectivoYou can also pay by credit card or debit card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro…).


Cash on Delivery

logo bbvaOnly available for orders in the Iberian Peninsula, this option will allow you to pay the messenger upon receiving the package. The courier company charges 3% of the total order value for this service, charging a minimum of 3 Euro. If the order is returned, we can not offer this payment method again. It is only valid in the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, NOT valid in the Canary Islands.