Physical tore services

How can I check if one of your stores has what I’m looking for?

Our stores generally have most of what we stock online, so you’re almost guaranteed to find what you’re looking for. You can also call the store in question and ask. Here’s a list of all of our stores, addresses and websites.

How can I check the opening hours of each store?

Have a look at our list of stores, it contains all of the information needed on their opening hours and contact numbers.

Can I return or exchange a product in any store?

If you bought a product from one of our stores, all queries and returns must be made at that store. If you purchased a product online, you must get in touch with customer service.

Do shopkeepers know about planting cannabis and can they help me?

Of course. All of our workers are experienced home-growers and look forward to sharing their growing knowledge with customers regarding their cannabis plants.