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What shipping methods are used? 

All national shipments (Spain) are done using 24h Express Delivery, that’s a guarantee.

What payment methods are available and what funds are accepted when buying online?

You can find information on our various methods of payment here.

How do I order online?

You can find a step by step guide on how to make an online purchase here.

I received a discount coupon, how do I use it?

When filling out your shipping information and confirming your order, you’ll see a box labeled “discount”. Type your coupon code in here and make sure to click “add” in order to apply the discount.

What payment methods are available and what funds are accepted when buying online?

You can find information on our various methods of payment here.

What cards can be used to purchase online?

Visa and MasterCard

Can I pay using PayPal?

PayPal doesn’t permit the use of its service to companies in the cannabis sector, so we can’t currently offer PayPal as a payment method.

Can I pay using Bitcoin?

Right now it is NOT possible to pay using Bitcoin, although we are working on adding it as an option in the near future.

When paying via transfer, what bank account must be paid into?

Transfer details:



Bank: BBVA

Account number: ES13 0182 0540 64 0201568502

Remember to include your order number ******* in the transfer concept.

What’s the safest way to pay?

Credit card is the best way to pay; as soon as the payment has been confirmed we begin processing and preparing your order; confirmation is usually instantaneous.

Why was my order rejected?

This may happen due to issues with your bank. If you receive a message saying your order has been rejected, please get in touch immediately via phone or email at

Can I place an order on the phone or via WhatsApp?

We don’t recommend this method as it usually leads to issues. You can call or message us for any queries about our products but please place your order on our web page. Once the order has been confirmed, we will get to work and you’ll receive your purchase within 24h if you live in mainland Spain.

My coupon isn’t working, can I get another?

If you received a coupon that doesn’t work for some reason, don’t worry. Simply get in touch with us so that we can send you a new coupon with the same discount. You can contact us at

Do products purchased on come with a guarantee?

All of the products sold on our website are subject to the warrantee given by the product provider. GROWBARATO DISTRIBUCIONES SL offers post-sales services; if you have a damaged product with a valid warrantee, you can bring it to us for processing or you can bring it one of the product provider’s establishments. If you have any additional queries you can contact customer service or send us an email at

What is the Outlet?

The Outlet is a section on our page that everyone can access. All of the products in this section can’t be sold as brand new for one reason or another, although they are unofficially in perfect conditions. Some of these products have been discontinued, may have been accidentally sent to a customer and returned, they may have a damaged box or they may even have been labelled wrong. However, they are in great conditions and all work perfectly.