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Neemic is a multipurpose insecticide with can prevent and get rid of some of the most common cannabis infestations such as spider mites, aphids and many others.

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Neemic by Campo (neem oil) is a combative-preventive, systemic and organic product that contains a concentration of azadirachtin of 3.2% p/v (32 g/l). It’s perfect for preventing infestations – it stays on your plant for a few days after applying, which helps your plants to keep insects away. It can also be used to get rid of them, simply spray your plant if you detect any insects – it acts by paralyzing and starving them. It can only be used to reduce insects, as it’s not strong enough to get rid of entire infestations. You’ll need to use a more powerful product in order to actually get rid of full-on insect infestations such as potassium soap.

How to use:

As a preventive product – Spray your plants every 7-15 days, using 1ml per liter of water. Dilute it in some warm water first and then mix it in with room temperature water in order to get a balanced mixture.

As a combative product – Spray once or twice a week, depending on the intensity of the infestation, with 1ml per liter of water. Dilute it with warm water first. During the growth period you should apply it just after your lights go on or just before they turn off. If preferred, it can be applied with the lights off indoors or when it gets dark outdoors in order to avoid burns, but keep in mind that any light your plants receive out of their established light-period can be quite stressful and cause issues.

You can use this product up until around 5 days before harvesting according to the manufacturer, although we don’t recommend spraying when your plants have flowered, as it can cause the appearance of fungi and rot if the buds are thick – cut it down to around 10-15 days before harvesting and you should be good.


  • 15ml multipurpose neemic insecticide.
  • 2ml syringe dispenser.

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