Pro 240 Complete Indoor Grow Kit

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Pro 240 Complete Indoor Grow Kit
  •  Pro 240 Complete Indoor Grow Kit
  •  Pro 240 Complete Indoor Grow Kit

The Pro 240 Complete Indoor Grow Kit is ideal for large indoor grows, due to its excellent high quality components.


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Pro 240 Complete Indoor Grow Kit

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The Pro 240 Complete Indoor Grow Kit is perfect for harvesting high yields indoors, due to its efficient, top-quality components. This combination of selected items is ideal for isolating your growing area from the outside, as well as ensuring the amount of light and clean air your plants need. If you are thinking of improving and increasing the performance of your marijuana crop, this kit is definitely what you are looking for.

Achieve high yields with the Pro 240 Complete Indoor Grow Kit

This product contains the necessary equipment to grow cannabis indoors, such as the Cultibox Light PLUS 2.4 x 2.4 x 2.00 m, ideal for bulky harvests born from our precious marijuana seeds. It also includes 4 powerful and efficient Agrolite Class 2 lighting kits, consisting of ballasts, stucco reflectors and 600w HPS bulbs, manufactured with the best materials on the market. This type of lighting stands out for its long life, high efficiency and affordable price compared to other types of lights.

All these elements will guarantee a high quality of light, which will enhance the correct growth and flowering of our strains. In the same way, with this indoor growing kit you can regulate your lighting equipment thanks to its timer to connect up to 4 lamps of 600w, as well as extractors and more items for our crop, and whose mission is to ensure compliance with the desired cycles of light and darkness. 

Maximising your harvests and improving the quality of your crops is one of the main objectives of GB The Green Brand. For this reason we have also decided to include 4 sets of Easy Roller pulleys, which will allow you to vary the height of your reflectors in an easy and simple way. 

Top quality components

This kit is intended for demanding growers, who aim to obtain incredible harvests in small spaces, where discretion and stealth are paramount when it comes to growing indoor crops. For this reason, we have added different essential elements for ventilation, such as a 200 mm tubular extractor and a 200 or 500 mm Mountain Air anti-odour filter

The tubular extractor is made of very light plastic, which can be used both as an extractor and as an intractor in indoor growing rooms. This article will offer us an air flow of 790 m³/h, perfect for keeping the space in question ventilated at all times. If we compare this product with other extractors on the market, we will see that it is one of the quietest, as it does not exceed a sound pressure of 50 decibels, making your crop more discreet and, therefore, safer.  It has a power of 173W and revolutions that do not exceed 2400. 

As for the Mountain Air filter, it is characterised by a thick layer of top-quality active carbon, whose manufacturer ensures optimum performance without any odour. For optimum performance, the filter sleeve should be washed during each harvest, and replaced with another one when it is completely unusable.

We will also find another 2-speed extractor (125 mm), this incredible extractor has an air flow of 230-280 m³/h. as well as a noise level of 28 and 37 decibels. We can select two speeds: 23 or 37 W. With this extractor we will get the right extraction and we will regulate the temperature of the crop correctly. It also includes 10 metres of 200 mm tube and 5 metres of 125 mm high resistance aluminium tube. 

It also has a top quality thermo-hygrometer with which we will know the temperature and humidity in our grow room. It is necessary that we know the temperature of our plants, since the slightest alteration can cause them to suffer and alter their production. You can place it under the bulb with a string, at the height of the tip of the plant closest to the bulbs. You can also record the maximum and minimum temperatures and humidity, as well as the time and alarm clock. 

Also included are 2 metal clamps of 200 mm and another of 125 mm, with which we will secure the connections of our ventilation, as well as 5 m of cable and 2 plugs for its electrical installation. 

Thanks to the indoor growing kits in our grow shop you will be able to create the ideal ecosystem for your feminised, regular or autoflowering marijuana seeds. If you want to know more tips and tricks about indoor and outdoor growing, don't hesitate to visit our blog, as well as read the descriptions of all our products.

Components of the Complete Indoor Grow Kit Pro 240:

  • Cultibox Light PLUS 2.4 x 2.4 x 2.4 x 2.00m.
  • 4 Agrolite Class 2 600w Lighting Kits.
  • 4 Easy Roller pulley sets.
  • 1 200 mm tubular extractor.
  • 1 Mountain Air 200/500 carbon filter. 1 Mountain Air 200/500 carbon filter.
  • 1 x 125 mm 2-speed extractor fan.
  • 10 metres of tubing (200 mm).
  • 5 metres of tube (125 mm).
  • 1 Timer 4x600w Cli-Mate.
  • 1 Thermo Hygrometer.
  • 2 metal clamps 200 mm.
  • 1 125 mm metal clamp.
  • Includes 5 m of cable and 2 installation plugs.
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