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Iron by Canna is a mono-nutrient fertilizer that your plants need to grow properly, as it’s in charge of some incredibly important internal functions. It’s used to adjust your nutrient mixture and to correct specific deficiencies.

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Iron by Canna is a mono-nutrient fertilizer that adds Iron to your nutrient mixture. Iron has many different jobs when it comes to growing cannabis plants, and they need it in small quantities. This product is designed so that you can adjust your nutrient mixture and correct deficiencies as much as you need.

Iron is quite a hard mineral for your plants to absorb, but it is necessary for photosynthesis as it’s the main ingredient in chlorophyll, which is in charge of moving nutrients and energy around your plant. Mother plants tend to have Iron deficiencies which they then transfer to any cuttings taken from them.

This formula has EDDHA and EDTA molecules which make the Iron much easier for your plants to absorb in a wide range of pH levels.

You can correct advanced Chlorosis caused by iron deficiency in cannabis plants. Once the leaves begin going yellow except along the nerves, you’ll know that it’s low in iron and needs a bit of a boost.

Dosage and how to use Iron by Canna:

When watering normally:

  • Add 0.75ml per liter of water.

When signs of deficiency appear:

  • 1ml per liter of water.

Plants with advanced chlorosis:

  • 2ml per liter of water.

Iron by Canna contents:

  • 0.1% Iron

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Lo pedí miércoles por por la tarde ya que mi planta tiene carencias de hierro y al día siguiente a las 9 de la mañana me llega a casa que.Sois un equipazo y seguir ayudando a los principiantes como yo y nosotros seguiremos aprendiendo de los maestros un saludo..grandeees

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