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Regulador de ph ionic Up
  • Regulador de ph ionic Up

pH Up Ionic

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pH Up by Growth Technology is a calibration liquid that contains 25% potassium hydroxide; just a few milliliters is enough.

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pH Up by growth technology is a calibration liquid that’s highly concentrated, capable of increasing the pH in plenty of water with just a few milliliters. Highly recommended for hydroponic growing, where water is the only medium and the tanks tend to be quite large.

pH is incredibly important for cannabis; having the wrong pH can mean that your plants can’t absorb certain nutrients or absorb too many of certain types of minerals. Plants prefer a pH between 5-5 and 6.8; they can only properly observe nutrients with this specific pH setting, which also varies slightly depending on the phase your plants are in, growing or flowering.

This pH adjuster by Ionic allows you to increase the pH in your nutrient solution, perfect for hydro and aero systems or growers that use automatic watering system. You don’t need to use much at all – make sure use incredibly small amounts and check it after every dose. It also hardly affects EC levels.

Dose and how to use pH Up by Ionic Growth Technology:

  • Add all of your usual nutrients to your water.
  • Take a pH reading from your nutrient solution using a digital meter or a reactive solution.
  • If it’s less than 5.5, add one drop of pH up (1ml in tanks over 50L)
  • Take another pH reading and repeat the process as many times as necessary until the pH is at the right level.
  • Contents:
  • 25% potassium hydroxide



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muy buen producto

Precios aplastantes!!seguir así!!

Roberto P


Calibrador preciso y facil de usar



es ideal,sin duda me ha servido de mucha ayuda,gracias

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Write your review