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Formulex by Growth Technology is a fertilizer that contains a pH regulator designed to feed clones and cuttings.


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Product description

Formulex by Growth technology is a fertilizer that automatically adjusts the pH in your water/soil, designed to feed clones with the perfect proportions of nutrients for clones that are still developing their root system.

You’ll be able to grow incredibly healthy and strong plants that’ll look almost like adult plants when they come out of the propagator. All of your clones will look radiant and will adapt to their new surroundings in no time at all.

Formulex by Growth Technology is a highly concentrated product that allows you to feed plenty of plants from just one container. Its ingredients are 100% soluble so it can be used in automatic watering systems.

Its formula has been enriched with many micro-elements that adapt perfectly to water, so your clones shouldn’t need any other nutrients at all as long as they’re getting Formulex.

Formulex by Growth Technology is specifically designed to be sprayed regularly on your plants and keep them green and well-fed.

Dosage and how to use Formulex by Growth Technology:

  • Add 2ml per liter of water and use it to wet your Jiffys or Rockwool cubes for rooting clones.
  • Add 5ml per liter of water when growing in soil or coco coir during the start of your saplings/clones’ few weeks. Water on and off with Formulex for about two weeks. Repeat this process after every transplant.
  • In order to spray this product, dilute about 5ml in a liter of water and use a spray bottle to spray your plants’ leaves on the top and bottom.


  • Nitrogen 2.29%.
  • Phosphorous 0.87%.
  • Potassium 3.36%.
  • Calcium 1.85%.
  • Copper 0.002%.
  • Iron 0.040%.
  • Manganese 0.010%.
  • Molybdenum 0.001%.
  • Zinc 0.0025%.

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Manuel B


Para no encharcar y pudrir la raíz de mi esqueje esto foliarmente acelera el sistema radicular y su enraizamiento.

    G. Benito


    va muy bien y te regula el ph


      muy bueno

      buen precio,buena calidad,gracias

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        Formulex by Growth Technology is a fertilizer that contains a pH regulator designed to feed clones and cuttings.

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