Azos by Xtreme Gardening
Azos by Xtreme Gardening

Azos by Xtreme Gardening

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Azos by Xtreme Gardening contains beneficial bacteria that your plants can make the most of; it takes nitrogen from the air and turns it into nitrogen that your plants can absorb, increasing growth quite a lot.

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Azos by Xtreme Gardening gives your plants an extra boost during the rooting and growth periods. This beneficial bacterium turns the nitrogen in the atmosphere into molecules that your plants can absorb, increasing root and plant growth.

It works with cuttings and freshly germinated seeds, as well as plants during the growth period. You can use Azos by Xtreme Gardening in both soil and hydro to increase your plants’ performance.

Azos by Xtreme Gardening is a bacterium that was discovered in the Amazon, where plants are in constant competition with each other and nutrients are a valuable resource. This beneficial bacteria reinforces and improves your plants in many different ways, giving them a never-ending source of nitrogen from the air.

Azos bacterium does not deal well with minerals and chemicals, so you’ll need to feed your plants with pure organic fertilizers once you’ve used these bacteria.

The extra nitrogen that Azos gives your plants means that you’ll need to keep a very close eye on how much you’re feeding your plants in case you accidentally over-feed them. You might even have to stop using products with nitrogen in them once the bacterium has fully made itself at home.

Dosage and how to use Azos by Xtreme Gardening:

  • Azos is used on clones, transplants, seeds and plants during the growth period in both soil and hydroponics.
  • Do not apply during the flowering period.
  • Do not use unless you’re using 100% organic fertilizers and products.


  • Add about 60ml to 4L of water. Submerge your jiffy, rockwool or wherever you’ll be germinating your seeds for about 10 minutes. Once done, take it out and squeeze any remaining liquids. Place one part Azos and two parts water in a glass, and dip your cutting’s stem in it for three seconds before placing it in your chosen rooting medium.

Growing plants:

  • Dissolve 160ml in four liters of water. Use half a liter of this for each plant. For the best results, make sure your water’s pH is at around 6. This should be enough for 8 plants.


  • Add 220ml in a 200L water tank.


Azospirillum Brasilene



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Azos by Xtreme Gardening

Azos by Xtreme Gardening