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Soil Coco Boom A+B

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Soil Coco Boom A+B is an innovative product; it’s designed to be used during the flowering period in cannabis, and it can be used in both coco coir and peat substrates.

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Soil-Coco Boom A+B by Boom Nutrients is a fertilizer that’s designed to cover your cannabis plants’ nutritional needs during the flowering period. It’s perfect for plants grown either in coco coir and soil substrates. The resulting plants are healthy, strong and capable of producing enormous amounts of quality, delicious flowers.

This product has a unique list of ingredients that allows it to produce amazing results in two different substrates such as coco and soil. This is due to its rich combination between macro and micro-nutrients, various types of amino-acids and algae extracts from Ascophyllum Nodosum. All of these ingredients are designed to be smooth and not saturate your substrate, although they’re still strong enough to ensure that your plants don’t suffer any nutrient deficiencies which can sometimes happen when growing in coco coir.

The results provided by this product are excellent thanks to their two-part formula; they are incredibly potent and pure. Make sure to keep a constant control of the EC and pH in your system if you want to get the best possible results. You’ll be able to see the results for yourself; your plants will produce much more resin, they’ll grow much healthier, denser and much more compact – they’ll also produce a much more intense aroma and flavor.

Soil-Coco Boom Flowering Benefits

  • Increases the size and amount of flowers
  • Increases resin yield
  • Gives your plants enough energy for continuous flower formation
  • Perfect combination between macro and micro-elements
  • Healthy, strong and sturdy plants
  • Short internodes
  • Rapid absorption
  • Increases essential oil production

Dose and how to use:

  • Can be used with peat and coco substrates.
  • Use from the first week of actual flowering.
  • Always use the same amount of A and B.
  • Add part A to your nutrient solution, mix, add part B and mix again.
  • Never ever mix A and B together at the same time, always once at a time or you may degrade their ingredients.
  • When using Soil-Coco Boom alongside the rest of Boom Nutrients’ products, make sure to add the rest of your products first, then Soil-Coco until you reach the desired EC level.
  • Start by using 1ml of A and 1ml of B during the first flowering week, increasing the dosage progressively to 2ml max.
  • Use once a week, alternating between water and feeding with products.
  • Stop using two weeks before washing the roots.

Part A p/p:

  • Nitrogen: 2.5%
  • Phosphorus: 3.5%
  • Potassium: 5%

Part B p/p:

  • Nitrogen: 2.5%
  • Phosphorus: 3.5%
  • Potassium: 5%

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