Autoflowering Supermix

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Autoflowering Supermix
  •  Autoflowering Supermix
  •  Autoflowering Supermix

BioNova's Auto-Flowering Supermix is a base fertilizer for autoflowering plants that can be used throughout the grow, and be used alongside the rest of products from BioNova in the complete fertilizing table provided by the brand.


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Autoflowering Supermix

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Auto-Flowering Supermix by Bio Nova - All in One for Autoflowering Strains

Auto-Flowering Supermix by Bio-Nova is a basic fertilizer with all the essential nutrients for autoflowering plants at all stages of your grow. It has never been easier to grow an Autoflowering plant as now. To improve the yield of your crop, this product is added to the irrigation water along with the rest of products from the BioNova cultivation table.

This complete fertilizer has been specifically formulated to meet the needs of these super-fast plants. With this product, even the most novice growers will get quality buds with very little effort. For experienced growers it is also has something to offer in the way of progress, as you will save precious time in the preparation of the nutrient mixture that you supply in each irrigation to your plants.

Auto-flowering Supermix by Bio Nova

Bio-Nova's Auto-Flowering Supermix is made with top quality products to provide the best nutrients for your plants to have a correct vegetative and flowering phase. Adjusted doses that obtain the best results in each phase of the culture have been tested for optimum success rates and higher yields, and are all provided in the fertilizer table.

Consult the complete and simple grow table by Bio Nova to ensure you a professional quality fertilizing routine for your grow.

With Auto-Flowering Supermix in your irrigation water as a base and the rest of the nutrients in the BioNova range, you will be able to pull off some abundant harvests without needing to have an expansive knowledge about fertilizing and cultivating.

Dosage and how to use BIO Nova Auto-Flowering Supermix:

  • Use 4 to 5ml / L of Auto-Flowering Supermix during all phases of the grow. You can mix it with the BN X-Cell stimulator as a flowering stimulator and Pk 13/14 in the fattening stage of the plant.

BioNova Auto-Flowering Supermix Composition:

NPK 7-3-5


  • NH2
  • SO4
  • NO3
  • NH4
  • Magnesium.
  • Silicon.
  • Match.
  • Potassium.
  • Calcium.

Chelated micro-elements:

  • Zinc.
  • Boron.
  • Iron.
  • Manganese.
  • Molybdenum.
  • Copper.
  • Organic additives such as algae and fermented herbs.
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Autoflowering Supermix Reviews


bonjour petite question, le bio nova autoflower supermix est il bien bio ? et est il compatible avec la gamme delta 8,9,10 ? le pk 13/14 serais-t-il nesséssaire ? ou est ce un doublon du delta 10 ? et est-ce une bonne idée d'y ajouté la combinaison vodoo,piranah,tarentila de ADN ? merci d'avance ce la m'éclairerais beaucoup !


quiero saber si se puede complementar el bio bloombastic con el flavor


recomiendo para los que no tienen mucha experiencia que usen todos los productos no solo uno,un saludo

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