0% Impurity Colibri Gas for BHO

0% Impurity Colibri Gas for BHO
  •  0% Impurity Colibri Gas for BHO
  •  0% Impurity Colibri Gas for BHO
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This 100% pure butane gas is perfect for making wax extracts. When you make BHO you need extremely pure gas, and Colibri gas is perfectly pure. New 400ml container.

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0% Impurity Colibri Gas for BHO

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0% Impurity Colibri Gas for Great Quality Extracts

0% impurity butane gas for making BHO – this 100% pure butane gas is as pure as they come. When you make BHO/Wax, the gas is used to extract oils from your cannabis in an extraction tube, concentrating the THC into wax or shatter.

The next stop is purging the butane gas from your extract in order to get it as pure as possible without any gas residues, which can be harmful. Not any old gas can be used though, it has to be 100% impurity free.

High quality extracts free of impurities

With Colibri gas, you’re guaranteed quality extracts that have the purest possible flavor.

Make sure to do the extraction process OUTDOORS. Being exposed to gas can be dangerous, especially in enclosed spaces, so outdoors is the safest place to do it. Make sure to keep it away from heat sources and open flames, as well as temperatures over 50ºC – risk of explosion.

  • New 400 ml container.
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0% Impurity Colibri Gas for BHO Reviews

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Para mi el mejor. No queda nada de residuos y no altera los sabores
Llevo más de 40 botes utilizados y no lo cambio por otro lo recomiendo


Gas bueno i me llegó rapido


Gas muy limpio y entrega rápida, muy contento con el servicio de Green Brand

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.


El mejor gas del mercado

  • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.


De los mejores gasses con 0%impurezas y prefecto para las extracciones de BHO

  • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.


Buenas, soy un amante de las extracciones y aun no he probado el gas de ésta marca. Por lo que me informado funciona muy bien , así que este será el siguiente gas que elija para extraer mi BHO. Un saludo.

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