Hortilight Dimmable Electronic Ballast
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Hortilight Dimmable Electronic Ballast

Hortilight Dimmable Electronic Ballast

105,00 €

Hortilight Dimmable Electronic Ballast

Hortilight Dimmable Electronic Ballast to provide your plants with a suitable light. You can set the power output to 250w-400w-600w-Superlumens.

105,00 €

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Product description

The Vanguard Electronic Ballast is a professional, small-sized ballast that’s efficient and safe to use. 

Your plants need a high amount of light to grow indoors, that’s why you need to use high-power lighting equipment. The bulbs are responsible for transmitting that power in the form of light, so that your plants absorb it, but the ballast is the device that routes the energy to the bulb and has much to do with the amount of light that is emitted.

Its installation is very easy, everything is connected all with Plug & Play cables. If your reflector doesn’t have this connection, you’ll need an extra cable to be able to hook it to the ballast.

When using a magnetic ballast, the light produced by the bulb flickers. The human eye can’t see it but it’s quite noticeable simply with your mobile phone’s camera. With an electronic ballast your plants receive a continuous light, so they receive a 30% more light than with magnetic ones. It also consumes less energy, so you can reduce the invoice of the light, especially when growing your plants at 18 hours.

With the Hortilight Ballast, you can grow your plants obtaining better results from your crop. Since its dimmable, you can change the power output so that your plants receive more or less light, depending on the stage in which they are, the grow room temperature or the available space. It’s usually used according to the stages of the crop. It can be set to 250W, 400W, 600W, and Super Lumens (660W).

To germinate seeds and for the first days of growth, set it to 250W, since the plant needs about 5000 lumens. With that power, you can perfectly cover 1m2. You’ll see how your plants grow well, placing the light at a closer distance than with 600w. Your plants will grow more slowly, so they won’t reach the lamp during the flowering, as it usually happens when growing at 600W.

Once you change the hours of light for the flowering stage, switch the power to 400W. The plants will get used to the high intensity at the same time they develop faster and better, by absorbing more light and more energy. 

Once the first flowers are grown, set it to 600W, so that the flowering begins with all the available energy.Your plants will bloom very fast while not elongating as much as before. We can place about 9 plants per m2, which will properly grow. When the fattening stage arrives, it’s time to use the Super Lumen. It will provide an extra power at the end of the crop cycle, just what the plants need to produce larger and denser buds. 

At the end of the crop cycle, you’ll realize that the ballast had much to do with the final result, and you’ll regret not having used it before.

Technical specifications:

  • Voltage range: 180-265Vac
  • Voltage: 240Vac
  • Frequency: 47-63Hz
  • Current: 2.8A@240Vac
  • Power output: 250-400-600-660w
  • Bulbs MH/HPS
  • Dimensions: 251x102x64 mm
  • No fan
  • Weight: 1.2-1.4 kg

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Balastro vanguard

Ufff el primer mes bien , a sio meter el superlumen y esto parece una feria , se apagan y se encienden solos cada x segundos , espero no se me estropee nada


    Para Eric Nuñez Mera

    Buenas siempre con bombilla de 600w para todas las fases.

      Eric b

      en crecimiento y flora

      Con este balastro es necesario cambiar el sodio de 250 a 400 y 600 o con una bombilla de 600 cubrimos todas esas fases?


        el mejor balastro para tu armario!!

        Ligero no se calienta casi nada y a un precio insuperable como siempre!!!

          Yoseba l

          la crem de los balastros

          Muy bueno barato no se calienta na

            David T

            Calidad excelente

            Solo con verlo se nota que es un gran balastro y espero notarlo en producción



              muy buen balastro jejeje



                me va de puta madre

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                  Hortilight Dimmable Electronic Ballast

                  Hortilight Dimmable Electronic Ballast

                  Hortilight Dimmable Electronic Ballast to provide your plants with a suitable light. You can set the power output to 250w-400w-600w-Superlumens.

                  Write your review