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Ata Clean
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Ata Clean

Ata Clean

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Ata Clean

Ata Clean by ATA is a pipe cleaner that cleans irrigation pipes, dissolving any residues that might block the pipes or drippers.


10,03 €

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Product description

Ata Clean by Atami is a pipe cleaner that’s used in drip-irrigation systems in order to dissolve minerals and residue build up that can cause plenty of issues. This product protects plants in hydroponic and aeroponic systems from suffering an unwanted drought. It also decreases the amount of salts that accumulate in your plants’ substrate. It’s used at the end of the flowering period too, in order to flush out your roots.

It’s extremely easy to use; after checking and adjusting your nutrient solution’s pH levels, let it sit for a few moments and then add it to the solution before watering your plants. It’s completely harmless and keeps your pipework clean and working perfectly.

Atami guarantees excellent results with this efficient, affordable product.

Keep your tanks and pipes clean with Ata Clean by Atami and you’ll never have any issues. Add it to your water regularly. Highly efficient with calcium and magnesium residues. Perfectly safe for your plants.

Dosage and how to use Ata Clean by ATA:

  • First prepare your water and nutrient solution, adjust pH and let it sit. Then add Ata Clean.
  • Apply 1ml per 10L of water in your tank whenever you water.

Ata Clean chemical composition of ATAMI ATA:

 PK 18-6 (w / w).

  • 0.08% Nitrogen.
  •  -0.05% Nitrogen soluble in water.
  • 17.94% Phosphorus oxide.
  •  -7.82 water soluble phosphorus.
  • 6,05% Potassium oxide.
  •  -5.02% Potassium souble in water.
  • 5.78% Sodium oxide.
  •  -4.29% sodium soluble in water.
  • 0.22% Calcium oxide.
  •  -0.16% Calcium soluble in water.
  • 0.16% Magnesium oxide.
  •  -0.09% Magnesium soluble in water.
  • 0.10% Sulfur Oxide.
  •  -0.13% Water soluble sulfur.
  • 0.001% Iron.
  • 0.002% Boron.


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David P


Dicen que va muy bien, aun no lo puedo confirmar, pero cuando el rio suena....ademas la dosificacion es pequeña y con 1l tienes para muchos depositos, en precio y envio pues perfecto como siempre.


    lo que queria

    muy buen limpiador,es lo que me hacia falta gracias

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      Ata Clean

      Ata Clean

      Ata Clean by ATA is a pipe cleaner that cleans irrigation pipes, dissolving any residues that might block the pipes or drippers.

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