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Take Care from ATA Organics is a strengthener for your plants that lets you fight off fungi and pests in a totally organic way. Spray it on your plants and you will strengthen their cell wall and protect them much more.

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Take Care by ATA Organics is a strengthener for your plants with which you can fight fungi and insect infestations organically. Spray it on your plants to increase cell growth.

Take Care by ATA Organics is a product made from trichoderma and beneficial rhizobacteria, which increase your plants resistance to external factures which can affect the quality and quantity of your plants.

Cannabis plants are quite sensitive to insect and fungi infestations. When sprayed with Take care, you’re giving your plants a sort of second skin with which you can protect them from insect bites and fungi infestations such as oidium.

Even if you don’t have any sort of infestation, you can still strengthen your plant quite a lot, making for healthier, happier and higher-yielding plants.

Dosage and how to use Take Care by ATA organics Atami.

  • Spray application.
  • Spray from 1-3ml per liter depending on how bad the infestation is.
  • Repeat once a week if your plants are still infected.
  • Repeat every three weeks if your plants are clean.

Take Care Composition from ATA Organics:

  • Nitrogen 0.14%.
  • Phosphorus 0.43%.
  • Potassium 23.5%.
  • Calcium 2.38%.
  • Sodium 23.2%.
  • Magnesium 0.30%.
  • Sulfur 1.27%.



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Eric K

Take care

Servicio rapido y eficiente.Gracias

Sheila M

Talé care atami

Todo perfecto, rápido y buen precio, efectivo no lo se todavía no lo he probado...

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Write your review