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AN Professional Pack

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AN Professional Pack is a complete fertilizing pack that contains everything your plants need for their entire life cycle. All Advanced Nutrients products contain quality ingredients.

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AN Professional Pack is a combination of fertilizing products with which you can grow cannabis successfully. When used at the right stage, each of these products give your plants everything they need. If you’ve been looking for a way to improve your growing skills, this kit is exactly what you were looking for in order to get professional results.

Bases to choose from

This brand’s products are 100% soluble, meaning that they can be used in all sorts of watering systems. They also contain pH perfect technology, which basically automatically adjusts the pH in your water. This allows your plants to absorb the maximum amount of nutrients possible.

Micro pH Perfect – Grow pH Perfect – Bloom pH Perfect: These three fertilizing bases are meant to be used together in different proportions depending on the stage of your plants. These products will guarantee that your plants grow super healthy.

Sensi Grow A+B pH Perfect: This is a different base fertilizer that can also be used to keep your plants healthy. It’s specifically designed for your plants’ growth period. It contains various micro-nutrients and nitrogen, which causes your plants to grow incredibly strong and healthy.
Sensi Bloom A+B pH Perfect: This is the same as the previous base although it’s made for the flowering period, and it contains everything your plants need for a healthy flowering period.

Connoisseur Grow A+B pH Perfect: This is their most complete, effective base fertilizer. It contains micro and macro-nutrients that are needed during the growth period. Your plants should grow extremely strong, preparing them for the flowering period. Connoisseur Bloom A+B pH Perfect: This part is used for the flowering period, and its extremely effective formula contains all of the ingredients your plants need such as amino-acids, polyalcohol and other ingredients that work but activating your plants internal circuits.


Big Bud: This product is designed to stimulate the flowering period, and is used from the pre-flowering period until around 2-3 weeks after. When used your plants will grow out stronger flowers with more pistils, preparing them for the fattening period.

Bud Candy: This is a complementary fertilizer designed for the flowering period. It contains magnesium, calcium and carbohydrates, which push your plants to grow more resin trichomes. The more resin your flowers get, the heftier and more delicious they become.

Overdrive: This is a flowering additive that’s used later on during the flowering period. It’s made out of phosphorus and potassium, which are two essential elements used in fattening buds – you’ll get larger, harder buds with this product.

Bud Ignitor: This fertilizer stimulates flowering in your plants. Use it as soon as you flip the lights or as soon as summer us over outdoors. It’ll cause your plants to begin flowering up to 7 days earlier than usual.

Piranha: This root stimulant contains a combination of trichoderma and mycorrhizae. These are beneficial fungi that colonize your plants roots and enter a sort of symbiotic state with the roots.

Tarantula: This is another combination of beneficial fungi for your plants. They take the roots over and protect them from issues such as over-watering, lack of oxygen and insect infestations.

Voodoo Juice: This product is specifically designed to stimulate your plants’ roots. It’s used when rooting plants, before transplants or before the flowering period. It contains fungi and bacteria that are perfect for your plants and increase root size.

Rhino Skin: This product’s made almost entirely out of silicone, reinforcing your plants’ cell walls which makes them stronger and capable of dealing with issues such as excess heat and insect infestations.

B-52: This fertilizer contains type B vitamins as well as other ingredients. It’s used to increase your plants’ photosynthesis and keep them healthy at all times. It’s also used to combat stressful situations such as excess light or drought.

The AN Professional Pack contains:

Available bases:

  • 1 Micro pH Perfect – 1 Grow pH Perfect – 1 Bloom pH Perfect
  • 1 Sensi A + B pH Perfect and 1 Sensi Bloom A+B pH Perfect
  • 1 Connoisseur Grow A+B pH Perfect and 1 Connoisseur Bloom A+B pH Perfect


  • 1 Big Bud
  • 1 Bud Candy
  • 1 Overdrive
  • 1 Bud Ignitor
  • 1 Piranha
  • 1 Tarantula
  • 1 Voodoo Juice
  • 1 Rhino Skin
  • 1 B-52

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AN Professional Pack Reviews

Ashraf B

Se os olvidó meter las enzimas, ya que son importantes para ayudar a digerir toda esa comida!!


Bravo por estos conjuntos que habeis creado. Me han resultado super utiles para exprimir mi cultivo al maximo. Gracias

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Write your review

AN Professional Pack

AN Professional Pack

Save 10%
Tax included

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