Evolution Digital CO2 Controller, Analyser and Regulator

Evolution Digital CO2 Controller, Analyser and Regulator
  •  Evolution Digital CO2 Controller, Analyser and Regulator
  •  Evolution Digital CO2 Controller, Analyser and Regulator
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CO2 Controller, Analyser and Regulator comes with a digital screen that displays your crop’s CO2 ppm. It has an analyser that will open or close the regulator and the bottle’s pressure regulator.


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Evolution Digital CO2 Controller, Analyser and Regulator

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Evolution Digital CO2 Controller C+A+R for Indoor Grows

Control the CO2 level with the Evolution Controller C+A+R It comes with a digital screen that displays your crop’s CO2 ppm, a high-technology analyser that will accurately measure from 0 to 10,000 ppm and a CO2 regulator to control the bottle’s CO2 pressure and flow.

Carbon dioxide (Co2) is color less, odor less and non-flammable gas that is naturally produce in our planet. It’s present in the atmosphere at an average concentration of about 0,00036% or 360 ppm.

This pack is offers complete control to administer CO2 to marijuana grows

Many growers aren’t aware of the importance carbon dioxide has in their crops. Most of the plants grow faster and more vigorous when the CO2 levels are increased because the photosynthesis will be enhanced and the water loss, reduced. Also, it provides several additional benefits for our plants, like a better resistance to high temperatures, a better growth with low light intensities, the improvement of roots/green mass ratio and less damage because of atmospheric pollutants.

It uses an innovative infrared technology to control carbon dioxide parameters

This innovative controller uses state-of-the-art infra-red technology and microprocessors to control the carbon dioxide levels in our grow spaces. The controller can work with or without the optional Evolution solid-state NDIR CO2 sensor. This controller can be also used with bottled CO2 or with propane/natural gas CO2 generators. Besides, the Evolution controller can be connected to most external hygrostats/thermostats to better control the environment.

A very complete controlling kit to provide the right CO2 amount to your marijuana indoor crops. It can be used with any CO2 bottle.

Evolution Digital CO2 specifications:

  • Power requirements: 15 W max.
  • Voltage: 230-240 V / CA
  • Total load: 1.5 Kw

Safety recommendations:

  • Make sure the unit is always unplugged before connecting the fan and/or the unit’s heater.
  • Always check that all cables and wires have been properly connected and that the cover has been safely screwed back in place before plugging the unit to the electric power.
  • Remember that combining water and electricity is always very dangerous. Electricity can be fatal, especially in the presence of water.
  • We highly recommend the installation of electrical appliances, in grow spaces, above the floor level, in a shelf or attached to the walls, to avoid their contact with water in case there’s a leak or an accidental spill.
  • This device should be installed by a qualified electrician and must be connected via a safety RCD circuit breaker.
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