Evolution Digital CO2 Controller and Analyser

Evolution Digital CO2 Controller and Analyser
  •  Evolution Digital CO2 Controller and Analyser
  •  Evolution Digital CO2 Controller and Analyser
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Evolution CO2 Controller by Ecotechnics, to adjust the CO2 we inject to our crop’s atmosphere. Compatible with CO2 bottles or generators.


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Evolution Digital CO2 Controller and Analyser

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Digital Evolution CO2 Controller C+A Adjusts Carbon Dioxide Levels

With the Evolution CO2 Controller by Ecotechnics you can control the CO2 ppm available in your grow area's atmosphere. It comes with the best measuring devices and the best technology for controlling your plants' CO2 levels.

Can be connected to any CO2 bottle or CO2 generator

A digital screen displays CO2 levels in your grow room via a high-tech microchip analyzer that's highly accurate from 0 to 10,000 ppm. You can also connect it to any CO2 bottle or butane/propane CO2 generator.

This device also keeps constant control of the temperature and the humidity, adjusting the extractor fan’s speed to optimize your plants' growth and flowering periods. Plants grown under such an optimized environment develop at greater speeds and become much larger, which makes for an increase in yield and a clear reduction of your plants' cycles such as growth and flowering. Perfect device for a VGT Grow Tent.

Once the controller has been installed, it has to be connected to the mains and it will display the current temperature and humidity. From that moment on, you can use the controller’s keys to adjust the necessary parameters. Next, we will explain the system’s keys.

Once it’s been adjusted, the controller will turn the fans on at the minimum speed needed to provide the set values of temperature and humidity, which will make the fan work as silent as possible, reducing the operating costs while improving the plants' conditions.

Evolution Digital CO2 Controller specifications:

  • Power: 15 W Max.
  • Voltage: 230-240 V / AC
  • Total load: 3.0 kW

Evolution Digital CO2 safety recommendations:

  • Make sure the unit is always unplugged before connecting the fan and/or the unit’s heater.
  • Always check that all cables and wires have been properly connected and that the cover has been safely screwed back in place before plugging the unit into the mains.
  • Remember that combining water and electricity is dangerous. Electricity can be fatal, especially in the presence of water.
  • We highly recommend the installation of electrical appliances, in grow spaces, above the floor level, in a shelf or attached to the walls, to avoid contact with water in case there’s a leak or an accidental spill.
  • This device should be installed by a qualified electrician and must be connected via a safety RCD circuit breaker.
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Me gustaria saber si el co2 se puede programar para que vayan subiendo los niveles automaticamente mientras pasan las semanas???


Lo compre, me atendisteis muy bien y me explicasteis como ponerlo en funcionamiento. La verdad que me va mucho mejor que antes sin CO2.

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