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Ph - Canna 1L
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Canna Hierro - Mononutrientes
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Canna fertilizers for marijuana growing

Canna has at their disposal over 10 years of experience in the world of fertilizer to help them to obtain great yields. Harvest great quality weed with easily absorbed liquids that will leave minimum traces in the final product. The best old-school fertilizers and the ones everyone used when they got started with their growing projects.

Its best known range is their organic range, called Bio, which has been helping growers to obtain large yields for more than 10 years. Bio Vega guarantees healthy growth from the beginning of your plant's life, providing it with firm stems and establishing a solid foundation able to bear the weight of future buds.

Using Bio Rhizotonic will result in amazing root growth and will increase the number of roots per plant. By absorbing more nutrients, your plants will develop faster and produce more weed and of a better quality.

Bio Boost Accelerator will give that final push to the blooming stage so plants grow long colas of buds. By increasing the dose slightly, buds will fatten remarkably without having to resort to chemical fertilizers. Bio Flores will supply macro and microelements to the plants, which are essential during the flowering stage. On the whole, BioBoost is one of the best fattening solutions and it's 100% organic.

If you still want to get a bit more of weight, Canna offers a range of mineral products that are easy to absorb. Since minerals are of high quality, plants will be able to absorb them entirely, without the soil becoming salty and therefore, without affecting the roots or the plant.

The mineral range covers a wide scope of growing systems, from soil to Slab Canna Cogr. There are specific nutrient bases for each growing media and these can be complemented with the additives Canna Boost Accelerator, Rhizotonic and Pk 13/14.

In our catalogue you will find every product separately or a kit with all the required fertilizers to feed your plants.