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Grotek fertilizers for growing cannabis

Grotek Nutrients are 100% sure to satisfy demanding growers. They create bio-mineral nutrients with exceptional properties that lead to easy abundant yields. Grotek offers a different product for each precise stage of the plant, so you can feed your plants with the specific nutrients they need and can obtain great yields.

With the Solo-Tek Bases you can supply your plants the right NPK during the vegetative stage and the flowering period. A selection of mineral and organic macro and microelements that will provide your plants with exceptional vigor.

Vitamax provides essential amino-acids and vitamins for the creation of new cell walls that will help your plants to grow much healthier.

Bloom Fuel will induce the flowering period while Bloom Blaster will make for the best flowering period you have ever seen. You will get dense plants with short internodes, covered in flowers.

Heavy Bloom helps to increase the weight of plants, since the carbohydrates it contains will increase density of their cell-walls. Combined with Monster Bloom, buds will grow as fat as they can, without becoming hollow, weighing considerably more than they would with any other product.

You can use Final Flush at the end of the cycle. It consists of chelated nutrients that will leave your plants and substrate free from nutrient residues. You can will harvest a clean product without a chemical taste. The products in their Regular range will remove salts while their Flavors range will make your strain stand out by adding strawberry or wild-berries nuances to the taste.

Top quality fertilizers for top quality growers, Grotek fertilizers are very easy to use by following a very simple chart.