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Hesi fertilizers for growing cannabis

Hesi is a brand that offers many products of mineral origins suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing. In a few years it has managed to match the quality of the oldest brands, and this quality is clearly noticeable.

During the first days of vegetative growth, when plants need less fertilizer and possibly none at all, the only thing that can be added to irrigation water to help your plants to complete their process of sprouting and growing is Supervit, a mix of vitamins and amino acids. The brand recommends using this product from the beginning to the end of the cycle, in all growing media (ie. soil, coco or hydro). It can be used mixed with other products too.

From the second week it will be possible to use one product which is also very important for root growth: the Radicular Complex, a mineral stimulator of the roots that contains many microelements, vitamins B1, B2, B12, several acids and amino acids which, all together, stimulate the creation of roots. This is a basic function that allows the plant to absorb more nutrients and then turns them into huge buds. It can be supplied along with other Hesi products as long as the indicated EC is respected.

Hesi products range

As soon as the flowering stage starts, you will be able to use one of their new products, Hesi Boost. Its NPK is very low, only 0-1-1. It stimulates flower growth and boosts the flowering period so that it takes less time. Not only does it reduce the flowering times but it also reduces the distance between internodes, which stimulates the growth of lateral branches. Once the first dose is applied, it will be necessary to wait until half the flowering stage to see the results. Consisting of floral extracts, enzymes, sugars and microelements, this product is a mix of extremely beneficial nutrients.

Powerzyme are the enzymes provided by Hesi -extracts of Trichoderma cellulose- that will transform dead roots into glucose for the plant. They have an almost non-existent NPK and trace elements, which will help our plants not become all blocked up because of an excess of nourishment.

For the vegetative stage, there is a complete product which includes macro and microelements, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B12 with amino acids. Its name, TNT Complex, lets you imagine how powerful this product is. Indeed, as the best "dinamite", this product will provide your plants with an explosive and complete growth to prepare them  for a heavy bloom. It works equally well in earth and in coco. The blooming complex, has a low NPK in comparison with other brands it compensates with B group vitamins (B1, B2 and B6) that along with sugars and amino acids completes what is one of the most effective products on the market.

For fattening flowers and making them more compact, you can use Phosphorus Plus in soil. With one of the lowest PK 7-5 on the market, it manages to compact buds and increases their weight as much as products with a more concentrated PK.

When growing in coco, it is advisable to use, apart from TNT for the vegetative stage, Hesi Coco for the flowering stage. A high NPK guarantees the absorption all the required nutrients according to the different phases. It provides not only the right NPK but  trace elements, vitamins and amino acids.

The Hesi PK suitable for Coco and Hydro, is said to be 13/14 but the true values are 9/7, which is enough for fattening and compacting the flowers, so that they can be heavier and can produce resin more easily.

For Hydroponics, Hesi offers solutions for both the growth and the bloom. Both come as chelators that can be absorbed very quickly. Both have a relatively low NPK, they are not very concentrated products, yet they are very effective. Together they will make our plants develop completely without deficiencies or excesses as long as the prescribed dose is respected. We recommend adujusting the pH to between 5.8 and 6.2 so that your plants can absorb what they need when they need it.

You can start growing with Hesi right now and at the best price.