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Advanced Nutrients

Advanced Nutrients nutrients for cannabis

Advanced Nutrients are stirring up the fertilizer market! They offer great results, easy to achieve, as long as a simple growing chart is followed. Choose the range of base products that meets your needs and forget about pH regulation thanks to their pH Perfect technology.

The brand offers Sensi Grow A+B or Connoisseur Grow A+B for the vegetative stage, and Sensi Bloom A+B and Connoisseur Bloom A+B for the flowering. Micro, Grow and Bloom are fit for both stages. If you use these products as a base you won't have to regulate the irrigation water's pH, since the product adjusts it to its optimum level.

There is also a range of organic bases, for those growers who only want to employ organic manures. Iguana Grow and Iguana Bloom are fertilizers that provide a wide variety of macro and micronutrients to your plants. You won't have to add much more to them in order to obtain a fine quality yield.

Use your flowering stimulators to get many more flowers in the branches, achieving long bud colas that will boost the final production. Bud Ignitor helps to shorten internodal distance (when using the mineral range of products), providing you with more compact and productive plants. Nirvana stimulates the soil's activity by activating all the components for a perfect start of the bloom (when using the organic range of products).

Use additives such as Big Bud to get the first flowers to form, Bud Candy to provide them with the required sugars to develop resin and give density to cell walls. Overdrive help buds to fatten up while Sensizym transforms dead roots into carbohydrates. By using all these products at a specific stage of the plant's cycle, your yields will be much higher than the average.

The brand also offers the best microlife products on the market, the well-known Piranha and Tarantula. They are beneficial fungi and bacteria that penetrate in the soil with irrigation water. They get to colonise the roots very quickly and boost an incredible expansion of the radicular system, resulting in an incredibly improved nutrient intake. Longer roots and better nutrient uptake, our plants will be much healthier and more productive.

In short, Advanced Nutrients brings us top quality nutrients to get amazing harvests, both indoors and outdoors.