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Medical Seeds

Medical Seeds Cannabis Feminized Seeds

Medical Seeds is a Spanish seed bank, totally devoted to producing the best cannabis strains. Its strains are the result of crossbreds among selected slips. They enjoy a great reputation and are good for improving species and creating new ones. For the time being, they're offering us a collection of strains for all growers. Beginners will find they are easy to grow while experts will rejoice over their amazing quality.

You'll find pure Sativa strains like 2046, a strain with a 100% mental effect. Its high THC content makes most people want to grow it but not many get good yields. It has a very long flowering period which can be very difficult to handle indoors unless you use a SCROG system. Such a long cycle, of course increases the probabilities of failure. Outdoors, this plant becomes very tall and you'll have to train it at the start of the flowering stage. This way the branches will be able to deal with the weight of the buds and they will keep on gaining weight which eventually will lead to a higher yield. Indoors, it takes some 13-15 weeks to complete its flowering cycle, whereas outdoors, plants should be ready at the end of November, yielding some 700g/plant of a very psychoactive weed. It is used medicinally against diseases as serious as glaucoma, since its high levels of THC are useful to fight symptoms.

Another of the most demanded strains is Channel+, one of the fastest to bloom plants in the market. Buds become hard and resinous, full of aroma and sweet flavors. The commercial grower will have high quality weed that can be harvested more than once a year. If we keep a mother plant we can get its cuttings to flower in just 55 days, skipping the growing period and accelerating the harvest even more. Outdoors, we will get early plants that like hot climates, ready for cutting in September. You can get up to 1kg per plant, so you won't need too many specimens to live through the season. Its effect is very relaxing at a mental and corporal level thanks to its hybridization at 50%. Our mind and body will rest and it will help us fight stress and depression.

If you want a more accentuated mental and physically relaxing effect, we have Y Griega. An 80% Sativa strain that's both energizing and relaxing. It will make you forget about your problems and make you let go of any tension. It is very powerful and will only allow you to have fun and happy thoughts. Indoors, this plant might become a bit too tall during the flowering period but it will make up for it when the harvest comes. It will need 12-13 weeks with a low amount of nutrients and frequent but little water. You must take care of the roots since the growing cycle is quite long. Outdoors, your plants will reach a very good size. If you want them to be discreet, you'll have to plant them later. With seasonal plants you can get up to 800g per plant and they will be more or less 3m high.

If you want top quality seeds, Medical Seeds will never disappoint you. They are very serious about their work and their plants are always very homogeneous. Their strains are worldwide renowned and have been awarded many cups and prizes and now you can enjoy them at home. Read our reviews and look for the variety which will get you the effect you need. Besides purchasing the best seeds, you'll save money since we have permanent discounts and offers all year round.