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Sweet Seeds

Sweet Seeds Feminized Cannabis Seeds

High Quality Feminized Cannabis Seeds by Sweet Seeds

Sweet Seeds is a seed bank known for creating amazing and unique strains for more than 10 years. When they first launched the seed bank they were selling feminized seeds which was still a pretty new concept at the time. They started with only a few strains and now they sell almost 50 different strains (feminized, seasonal and auto). This successful seed bank has worked hard and produces very powerful strains. They have been awarded on several occasions. When you buy Sweet Seeds strains you're guaranteed quality seeds which always germinate into beautiful female plants.

Guaranteed Quality

There are some very well-known and awarded strains such as Cream Caramel, a plant with a very sweet taste and producer of big buds filled with aromatic resin, very pleasing to the eyes. They also have more powerful strains like Green Poison, a strain which yields also quite a lot and grows dense and tight buds that give very specific cerebral effects.

Sweet Strains

They have most of their seasonal strains in autoflowering formats too. The ideal solution for those who get their balcony plant ruined year after year by a streetlamp! You can get your favorite strain in 2 months after planting with an auto solution.

Red Cannabis Strains

Now, the bank has launched new product lines such as the Red family: various strains crossed with a purple strain in order to grow plants such as Cream Caramel or Green Poison with pinky, red and purple shades such as the Black Cream or Red Poison, among many others. These are autoflowering strains as effective as the seasonal counterpart.

Fast Version Cannabis Strains

They also have a line of seeds they call Fast Version: a combination of seasonal plants with autoflowering ones. Your plants will keep on reacting to the light but since they are partly auto, they will take just 45 days to flower. You can get clones from these ultra fast strains and do crop after crop of your favorite strain in record times, ideal for commercial growers.

Whichever you choose, when you try a Sweet Seeds strain you will know you are sowing best quality seeds that will never disappoint you at the harvest time.