Serious Seeds

  • Biddy Early

    Biddie Early

    Biddie Early by Serious Seeds can easily deal with bad weather, making it great for northern areas. This sativa-dominant plant with a short flowering period is perfect for outdoor growing.

  • Serious 6

    Serious 6

    Serious 6 by Serious Seeds is a strain that’s easy to grow in almost any environment and method.

  • CBD Warlock

    CBD Warlock

    CBD Warlock was a pioneer in the world of medicinal plants, with CBD levels no lower than 4%. It’s also one of the favorites in Canada.

  • Serious Happyness

    Serious Happiness

    Serious Happiness by Serious Seeds is the perfect balance between indica and sativa. This delicious strain is quite a balanced plant.

  • CBD Chronic

    CBD Chronic

    CBD Chronic by Serious Seeds is essentially a Chronic plant that’s been modified to contain much more CBD. This stable plant is perfectly medicinal.

  • Serious Kush

    Serious Kush

    Now you have the chance to enjoy Serious Seeds' version of OG Kush! You’ll be surprised by its quality and genetic stability.

  • Motivation


    Motivation by Serious Seeds is capable of relaxing the body while stimulating the mind – this indica is a real trip.

  • Double Ducht

    Double Dutch

    Double Dutch by Serious Seeds yields incredibly spongy, resinous and delicious buds that are hard to find on any other strain.

  • Bubble Gum

    Bubble Gum

    Bubble Gum by Serious Seeds is a delicious plant that lets off a delicious, bubblegum aroma from its long, sticky flowers – quite a high yielding plant.

  • Chronic


    Chronic by Serious Seeds is a high-yielding indica strain that produces large buds that’ll satisfy any smoker.

  • White Russian Feminizada

    White Russian

    White Russian by Serious Seeds is potent, easy to grow and fast-flowering. This super-indica comes from a combination of intense strains.

  • Warlock


    Warlock by Serious Seeds is a plant with an indica structure and a sativa personality. This strain was chosen due to its combination of effects and intense flavors.

  • Ak-47


    AK-47 by Serious Seeds is an incredibly powerful strain that’ll definitely have you couch-locked for a while. This is one of the most potent strains out there.

  • Kali Mist

    Kali Mist

    Kali Mist by Serious Seeds is one of the best pure sativas out there, producing large yields when grown outdoors; mentally stimulating, pleasing effect.

 Serious Seeds

Serious Seeds is a Dutch seed bank, with a reputation for great cannabis seeds. They provide growers with strong and tasty strains which don't leave any grower indifferent. Serious Seeds produces marijuana seeds of high quality both for indoor and outdoor growing, with the largest scope of possible effects and flavors. Treat yourself to one of their many High Times Cannabis cup winning strains. Their seeds undergo thorough quality control and they're guaranteed germination rates of almost 100%

You can find strains such as White Russian, a 100% indica strain. This plant has a thin, and average-height structure. Its most remarkable feature is an incredible amount of resin and few leaves that gives it an aggressive appearance even before harvesting. It can be grown indoors or outdoors, though if you grow it outdoors it will need warm/hot weather so that it can grow to the best of its abilities. Indoors, you will find it easy to grow and you should be able to get large yields. As its main feature, it begins flowering quite early after flipping the lights. After just 65 flowering days, your plants should be ready to harvest. Outdoors, it's a very fast strain and tends to finish before the first rains of late summer. It is usually ready for harvesting at beginning to mid-September.

Ak47 is one of the most potent strains out there. It has a strong mentally and physically relaxing effect that'll submerge you in a blurry and quite intoxicating cloud. It is the perfect weed for staying at home and doing nothing, since it will have you couch-locked for quite a while. It has a strong taste like a pine forest, wood or sweet hash and its smoke is very dense and hard to inhale. It might even be hard for you to smoke a whole joint on your own without sharing. It is ideal to smoke with that mate who always smokes the whole thing and see if they can do the same with this one! It can be grown indoors or outdoors, but it is indoors where you will obtain the most appealing bud. A high amount of resin covers the plant. If you grow it outdoors, it is advisable to do so in a warm climate since the cold and humidity can make them suffer a bit and not to feed so well. The ideal strain for those looking for an intense effect.

If you're more interested in flavor, Bubble Gum is a must for you. This strain lingers in the tastebuds for quite a while after smoking. It has notes of chewing gum or candy, and you cannot help but going back for another drag. Besides, its effect is energetic and joyful, so it is a great strain for daily smokers. It is very easy to grow since it doesn't require much fertilization or special care such as training. Beginners will find it very simple to grow. Besides, it can be grown indoors and outdoors and you'll enjoy it both ways. Outdoors, they will be short and robust, and if you plant them late they will be very easy to camouflage among others. Indoors, with 9 plants per m2 we you can get up to 450g with a 600W spot.

If you are looking for maximum quality seeds, don't hesitate and try Serious Seeds. You'll get the absolute best out of your plants. Follow our advice and get them at an incredible prices thanks to our discounts.