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Positronics Seed Bank - Feminized Strains

Positronics Seeds - Cannabis Strains from the 70s

Positronics Seeds was already around at the very start of cannabis hybridization, back in the 70's. They took a risk to export cannabis seeds at during times when everything was a bit harder, bringing strains from all over the world to Holland, where they finally settled down to start working professionally.

Pioneering Professional Cannabis growing

They were pioneers in keeping mothers for cuttings and seedless growing, quite an innovation during the 70s. Since then, Positronics has become part of many growers' gardens all over the world. It has taken countless crossbreeding attempts to stabilize their strains and reach a level where consumers can choose from their catalogue as if it were a wine list. According to them, it's "cannabis à la carte". They give quite a lot of importance to aroma and taste so that growers have a wide range of possibilities.

Somango 47 Strain Information

You'll find strains such as Somango 47, an ideal strain for those who tend to encounter problems with fungi in their grows. These plants grow compact with plenty of strong branches. As soon as the plant reaches a certain size, it starts to form many side sprouts, which will form a big ball of buds at the end of the flowering stage. Its buds are dense and resinous with a muddy and sweet taste at the same time. Its moderately relaxing effect will let you enjoy your smoke without couch-locking you. It can be grown indoors and outdoors with great results. Indoors, plants will be large and productive; with 4 to 9 plants per m2 you should have more than enough to cover your available space. They will grow a long central cola and decent buds at the tips of the branches. The latter will have to be trained in order to prevent them from breaking. Outdoors, you will get specimens with a very nice appearance, as wide as tall. It is one of these strains which can become gigantic outdoors with growing techniques during the winter, since it is quite resistant to the cold and high levels of humidity. If you plant seasonal plants, they will yield about 1kg per plant, but if you plant it in wintertime and grow it until March, you can collect up to 3Kg.

Blue Rhino Strain Information

Blue Rhino is a strain that, besides being productive, has a high CBD content, which makes it much more medicinal than other strains. The CBD effect counteracts the psychoactivity of THC, giving a smoother effect, without intoxicating the user. Its size makes it very appropriate for indoor growing, as it is practically just a central cola and doesn't shoot up much when set to bloom. Light will be able to reach every part of the plant, developing small buds all over. Outdoors, it is easy to disguise among other plants since it is quite short and a seasonal specimen that won't go beyond 1.8m. If trained, it will yield much more, so setting a net or tying the branches is practically mandatory. At the beginning of October, your beautiful plants will be ready, reaching up to 600g per plant.

Purple Haze Strain Information

Purple Haze is one of the strains the bank has maintained over the years so that you can grow the same strains they used to grow in the 70's. It makes for long and slender plants, with the buds closed at the edges - they tend to bend and can even break under the weight. If you grow it indoors, it will be easy to handle with a SCROG mesh, but you will only get around 350g/m2. Outdoors, you will have to create a specific training system by attaching a big stake to the trunk and then attaching all of branches to that one. You'll be able to get weed with an uplifting and cheerful effect, and nobody will be able to turn your smile into a frown. At the end of the flowering period the flowers will take on a very attractive purple color while its incensed and sweet taste will make it very appealing to habitual smokers.

Positronics Seeds - One of the Best Seed Banks Ever

Positronics has been awarded hundreds of prizes around the world during all these years and their hard work is clearly present in their strains. At GrowBarato we have all their feminized seeds on offer. Read our descriptions and choose yours now.