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Eva Seeds

EVA Seeds feminized for cannabis growers

Eva Seeds is a seed bank that offers strains for all kinds of growers. Beginners will be able to get their hands on many easy-to-grow strains that can be highly productive with just little bit of knowledge. Expert growers are capable of growing absolutely stunning, highly productive plants. Eva Seeds has a wide range to choose from.

Eva Seeds Strain Information

They have incensed strains such as Monster, a beast when it comes to cannabis. Indoors it can take a bit longer to finish flowering, although if you use a SCRoG system to control its height it’ll get easier to deal with. Outdoors this “monster” can grow up to 3m tall producing up to 1kg and a half of beautiful flowers. It grows a lot of resin, so it’s also perfect if you’re looking to get extracts from your plants.

Jamaican Dream is another star strain, a high flying sativa with quite a short flowering period. This plant has sweet, fruity flavors with an earthy aftertaste that gives a happy, energetic high. Indoors this plant is easy to grow as it doesn’t get too tall when flowering, as it sticks around at a medium to low height. Outdoors this seasonal plant can grow up to 2m tall, producing up to 700g per plant. It’s perfect for humid climates but it doesn’t like much cold, so if you leave in a warm area you’ll get the most out of it.

Missing in Barcelona is the perfect plant for smokers looking for a mentally stimulating weed, as it gives quite the THC trip that’ll cloud your mind. It’s easy to grow, as it has strong branches that loves quite a lot of nutrients. Indoors it flowers fast considering the effects it then gives. Outdoors it doesn’t take that long either; towards mid-October your plants will be ready to harvest. Its fruity, citric flavor will intoxicate you with a permanent smile.

Eva Seeds Properties

If you’re looking for top quality plants that have fast flowering periods, Eva Seeds has the seeds for you. From sedating indicas to potent sativas at the best possible prices. Here at you’ll have all of the seeds you need with permanent offers on all year so that you can grow your perfect plants at any time of year.