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Dinafem Seeds - Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Dinafem is one of the best-known and most celebrated seed banks worldwide, which isn't a coincidence. They have spent more than 10 years producing quality seeds for growers all over the world.

Almost every grower has grown or at least tried one of Dinafem's plants; their seeds undergo a comprehensive selection process to ensure that growers get top quality, fresh seeds. The results are evident in their vigor and strength when growing. They're chosen one by one, and only the best seeds make it through.

Over the years, they've managed to put together a collection of truly the best cannabis plants in order to create their own strains; both their autoflowering and the seasonal strains are 100% feminized.

All of their seeds are 100% female. You won't find yourself faced with any male plants, which is incredibly helpful for indoor grows; Dinafem gives us the certainty of getting only highly vigorous female plants.

Problems can sometimes arise when germinating, and each seed pack has a tracking number so that they can see if any seeds from the same batch have also had issues. The very few problems we might encounter with Dinafem seeds will be solved in the blink of an eye.

Their seeds are superbly packed in order to prevent problems when shipping. They come inside a Eppendorf container alongside a chunk of polyurethane and silica gel. The silica gel absorbs humidity in order to keep it low and prevent the seeds from sprouting. The polyurethane protects the seed so it is not in direct contact with the silica. In turn, the container itself is inside of a small metal box to avoid getting flattened.

Recommended strains by Dinafem Seeds

They have strains for all tastes in their catalogue. For example, indoor growers like fast plants with large flowers in order to get a beautiful grow by making the most if the controllable climate and powerful grow lights lamps. The best strain to grow indoors is Critical +; this strain grows rather compact, so 9 plants will fit perfectly in a square meter.

Another of its most famous strains is Moby Dick, a plant which grows as high as it does wide, rewarding growers with abundant yields outdoors. Providing you plant it in a sunny and warm climate with nice temperatures until October, it can yield up to 1kg. It is one of the most wanted strains on our online shop; not just because of its large yields but also its sweet flavors and hybrid effects.

Original Amnesia is another of the most sought-after strains by growers. Its intense cerebral high along with a strong and incensed-muddy tasty make it very appealing to the weed smoker. Besides, its effects are not too physical so you can smoke it with mates and have a good time. Although its effect is mainly brainy, it doesn't mean you won't feel it physically; quite the opposite, you'll feel it deeply from the very first puffs.

All Dinafem strains have predetermined characteristics such as blooming times. Go check out the descriptions that our team of professionals has written so that you know exactly what you're buying before you buy it.

Cheese, Diesel, White Widow or the tasty Sweet Deep Grapefruit... whichever seed you buy from this bank you'll get plants with very stable genes, making for very balanced grows, even when the seeds come from different packs.

If you are looking for seeds to get quality marijuana, at reasonable prices and with no surprises, don't hesitate to try Dinafem's strains.