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Grow Light kits

Lighting kits for marijuana indoors growing

Grow Light kits for indoor marijuana growing which will act as the sun for your indoor plants. A timer will turn the lights on and off to control the photoperiod and get the plants to grow or flower at will.

Depending on the brand we chose, and whether the kit comes with an electrical or magnetic ballast, it will present some different features.

One of the best-selling grow light kits is Xtrasun, which is very easy to install and use. We only sell the version that comes with a 600W lamp, which is the most widely used voltage in indoor growing. The ballast has an exit for a reflector with a Plug and Play jack, so connecting the reflector to the ballast will only take a click. The bulb that comes with the kit is a Dual Xtrasun that can be replaced for other type. Xtrasun gives very good results and also Agrolite. If there is a problem such as a short circuit, the fuse of the ballast will protect your equipment from overloads.

Set de luxe are some of the most demanded kits, not only because they are economical but because you can attach to them a cable of the desired length. Usually, ballasts come with a factory-fitted cable, and if we want to join extra lengths to it to move the reflector farther away (for instance, in big grow rooms), the junction becomes visible. Set de Luxe lets you add a both the power cable and reflector's output cable of the desired length, without having to open the ballast. It includes a lamp to be chosen among several brands and you can also choose a reflector (Liso or Stucko). Several voltages available (from 250W to 1000W).

Our Complete Kits include all an ETI2 ballast, a model that comes inside a fireproof shell to avoid fire and propagation problems. Depending on whether we choose Agrolite, Sylvania or a Large Wings kit we will have different options to change the lamp or the reflector. This kit comes with factory-fitted cables, though they can be changed easily by opening the box. It is the best kit among those with magnetic ballast.

If you want a better quality kit, you'll have to chose one with an electronic ballast. This type of ballast ensures your plants get up to 30% more light so they develop much better and are more productive with the same power consumption and bulb.

The electronic lighting kits Agrolite, Sylvania and adjustable Agrolite come with an electronic ballast, and both the reflector and the lamp can be changed. Ballast's power can be adjusted so you can increase the light intensity as the growing cycle moves on. It also includes all the necessary cables and fittings, since in order to connect your ballast to the reflector it will be necessary to use a Plug & Play cable.

Lumatek Kit, available with both 400W and 600W lamps, is the best kit in our catalogue. Lumatek ballast is one of the best on the market and it is very appreciated in the growing world. Voltage can be adjusted as plants develop. The 400W can be set at 250W, 250W superlumen, 400W and 400W superlumen. The 600W can be set at 400W, 400W superlumen, 600 W and 600W superlumen.  It lets you get maximum yields within the same space; indeed, a good ballast can make the difference between a 350g/m2 harvest and a 500g one. The bulb and the reflector can be chosen at will, to fit your growing method and preferences.

In short, if you're looking for a grow light kit for your crop, you know how to compare the ones in our catalogue. Each of them comes with a detailed description, mode of employment and instructions for assembly. There are also tutorial videos explaining how to set your reflector or where to connect the cables of your ballast.