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Mandala Seeds

Mandala Seeds | Affordable High Quality

Mandala Seeds: High Quality Affordable Seeds

Mandala Seeds is a seed bank that was founded in 2004 by Mike and Jasmine and is designed to produce strains that are perfect for growing indoors and outdoors at quite an affordable price. Their base is in Malaga and the founders have created various special methods of growing and producing strains that are highly valued in the cannabis community; they’re staunch defenders of ecological and effective cannabis growing.

Indigenous Indian Ecologic Strains

For many years, the Mandala Seeds founders have worked to grow as a seed bank, adding highly interesting strains to their catalogue. All of their strains were grown and bred in an environmentally respectful manner, which is what this seed bank is known for. They essentially work at improving and revitalizing landrace strains by introducing robust strains into their genetics, increasing quality as well as quantity.

Easy and Fast Feminized Strains

Growers guarantee that Mandala Seeds’ strains are incredibly easy and fast to grow, producing high quality, large yields. The sturdiness of their strains comes from their intense breeding process, in which only the absolute best results are chosen.

Best Results with Sea of Green Growing

The Sea of Green method is a cannabis growing technique that started in Holland, and the main objective is to accelerate the growth process in your plant, allowing you to harvest a decent amount of flowers in under three months. This is an indoor growing process that allows you to grow and harvest all year long, making up for the fact that plants grown using this method tend to be a bit smaller. This indoor growing method is what Mandala Seeds’ strains are designed for.

It’s a pretty easy process, where lighting is a key factor when it comes to growth. One of the biggest advantages when it comes to using SoG systems is that insect infestations can’t really attack your plants in such short times, it’s faster than normal grows and it makes the most of the light. The buds will grow super thick and resinous and plants can be grown in any medium using this method.

Mandala Seeds Wide Range of Flavors

Apart from being known for conserving indigenous strains and respecting the environment, Mandala Seeds is known for their strains’ amazing aromas and flavors; an absolute encyclopedia of flavors and aromas in each one of their strains.

Large Flowers, High Quality Feminized Strains

Mandala Seeds does their utmost in order to make sure their strains are high in quality while also producing a large amount of flowers and incredibly strong effects. These strains are high in quality and low in price thanks to how well this seed bank does I+D.

Thanks to their work, many of their plants are capable of withstanding humid, rainy climates and extreme temperatures, making for sturdy and resistant plants that produce large amounts of high quality flowers.

Mandala Seeds Seed Catalogue

White Magic is a strain that stands out thanks to its sweet, citric tones similar to mint. This sativa strain can take over 100 days to flower indoors, producing close to 400g per m2. It flowers in November outdoors, producing over 600g per plant.

Regarding Purple Paro Valley, this strain produces lavender, pepper and black tea aromas that, when combined are similar to cotton candy. This strain is 75/25% Sativa/Indica, taking 90 days to flower indoors while producing up to 400g per m2; it takes until the end of October outdoors, producing over 600g per plant.

Fruitylicious is an indica strain designed to produce the same properties as Very Berry Hashberry. If you’ve ever tried this strain you’ll know that it produces fruity, almond and berry-like aromas that are just as intense when tasted. It takes around 65 days to flower indoors, producing around 450g per m2, and outdoors it should be ready by September, yielding up to 700g per m2.