Guillotine Auto

Guillotine Auto

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French Touch Seeds Auto

French Touch Seeds | Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

The French brand French Touch Seeds works with feminized seeds, regular seeds and a small amount of autoflowering seeds such as Guillotine Auto. This strain produces amazing yields thanks to its incredible genetic makeup, combining regular, autoflowering and feminized strains.

French Touch Seeds, the First French Seed Bank

This bank was founded back in 2010, and their main objective was to breed seeds with a “French touch”. This seed bank is known for their dedication to maintaining and conserving old strains, working with the strain Bourbon, which is a highly pure sativa that comes from Reunion Island in Madagascar, and it’s known for its stimulating energetic effect.

A Catalogue of Unique, Surprising Strains

To begin with, this seed bank started off with feminized seeds, and then they slowly began incorporating regular and autoflowering strains until they eventually ended up with a wide selection of strains using classic cannabis strains to make them.

French Touch Seeds: Strong, Easy to Grow Seeds

Strains in French Touch Seeds’ catalogues are perfect for all types of growers; they’re a collection of classic and modern strains, and under the right conditions, they’re sturdy and quite easy to grow, such as Douce Nuit or Sativa des Rois.

High Quality Autoflowering Seeds

If you’re looking for high quality autoflowering seeds, Guillotine Auto by French Touch Seeds takes the cake. This strain comes from a long breeding and selection process when it comes to different high quality autoflowering strains and feminized strains. It’s a mix between a NYC Diesel and a Lowryder, producing a speedy, discreet, high yielding and delicious strain.

Guillotine Auto is great for beginners and experts alike thanks to its average size and large-ish leaves. However, it produces incredibly dense flowers that end up absolutely covered in resin from top to bottom. It can be successfully grown both indoors and outdoors, producing 40-70 grams per plant indoors and up to 100 grams per plant outdoors. It can grow to around 40cm indoors and 120cm outdoors.

It has an intense flavor; due to its NYCD genes, it produces sweet, citric and slightly fruity hints. It also produces petrol and spice-like aromas. However, regardless of its genes, its effect is physically relaxing, although it still lets you go about your business.

French Touch Seeds Quality Seal

Each and every seed created by this French seed bank have been taken extremely good care of; they’re placed very carefully into a small jute-fabric bag (a fibrous plant that materials are made of) alongside a leaflet. These little baggies are beautifully sealed using sealing wax that comes in different colors depending on the strain.

French Touch Seeds Strain Catalogue

Apart from the previously mentioned Guillotine Auto, there are a few other strains worth talking about, although these particular strains are feminized;

Douce Nuit is an almost 100% indica strain created from a cross between a Northern Light and Hindu Kush plant. You can tell it apart from other strains thanks to the size of its flowers; it will definitely need to be trained in order to help keep them up. This strain produces quite large, high quality flowers that grow out long and end up covered in resin; the perfect strain for extracts. Its sweet, earthy and incense-like flavor produces a physically relaxing effect. It’s the perfect plant for treating insomnia, muscle pain and loss of appetite. It takes around 2 months to flower indoors, producing around 400g per square meter. Towards the end of September outdoors it can produce around 700g per plant.

Sativa des Rois is a sativa strain that comes from one of the best AK47 selections out there. It looks indica and has an indica-like sturdiness. It’s an easy plant to grow, producing abundant yields in small indoor areas as well as small outdoor areas. We recommend avoiding humid climates if you want to successfully grow this strain. The size of its flowers is truly spectacular and its flavor is amazing, highly similar to classic Skunk strains, although thanks to its AK47 genes, it also has sweet, pleasant flavors. Its effect is energetic from start to finish, and it takes around 2 months to produce 500g per m2 indoors and 700g per plant outdoors between September and October.