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T.H. Seeds Bank | Full Seed Catalogue

T.H. Seeds is a Dutch seed bank that was founded in 1993 in the cannabis capital of Europe, Amsterdam. It’s one of the oldest seed banks out there, with over 25 years’ experience in the sector. Their founders, Adam and Doug, have put a lot of effort into doing what they love, and have won many prizes on various occasions.

T.H. Seeds has currently expanded and is now a worldwide company, with a base in Colorado too, which allows them to grow their strains and analyze their buds in their own labs. They’ve managed to create their own catalogue full of therapeutic and medicinal strains – most of their strains are feminized seasonal strains, although they have a few autoflowering plants too.

It’s quite hard to choose a favorite from their feminized strains, with MK Ultra and S.A.G.E. ranking in at the top as authentic cannabis legends – they’re still winning prizes to this day. We’re going to talk about some of their lesser known strains, which are just as impressive.

French Cookies by T.H. Seeds is an indica-dominant strain that produces large, orange and resinous flowers – an absolute beauty. This plant is great if you’re looking for plants to grow outdoors, especially in hot and humid climates. Its short flowering period makes it quite a safe bet; it should be finished before the pesky after-summer rains. Under the best possible conditions we managed to harvest 800g from just one plant. Its buds are incredibly aromatic, and they produce energetic, euphoric and happy effects.

T.H. Seeds has also worked on a variety of versions of their S.A.G.E. strain, for example their CBD-rich version or their Kush version called Kushage. T.H. Seeds has stated that it’s one of their most sought-after seeds in their entire seed catalogue thanks to its amazing yields and psychoactive effect. Indoors it can produce up to 400g per square meter, centering most of their yield on their central stem which allows you to place up to 11 plants per square meter. This strain is incredibly aromatic and will require an odor filter if you want to keep it discreet indoors. Its effect is incredibly relaxing, and can be used to treat issues such as insomnia.

When it comes to autoflowering strains, one of our favorites is Auto Northern Hog by T.H. Seeds. This strain comes from the legendary Northern Lights, registering THC levels up to 17% which is impressive from an autoflowering plant. Indoors, you can harvest between 25-50g per plant. We don’t recommend overloading your grow tent, however – too many may decrease yield due to light blockage. Its effect is incredibly potent, giving a fast, pleasant and relaxing high.

T.H. Seeds is one of the best cannabis seed banks around, with their own hall of fame with different celebrities that have tried their strains. Join their fan club and discover their exotic, amazing strains.