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The Devil's Harvest Seeds

Devil's Harvest Seeds | Full Seed Catalogue

The Devil’s Harvest Seeds is a Dutch seed bank that’s located in the cannabis capital of Europe, Amsterdam. This young seed bank has plenty of members that have years upon years of growing cannabis for recreational uses. They’ve already made quite a name for themselves when it comes to their strains, having won various prizes already. They’re considered one of the most creative seed banks when it comes to innovating with new seeds and surprising the cannabis community. They create feminized and regular seeds, combining classic and new strains.

One of our favorite strains is Shoreline by The Devil’s Harvest Seeds. It has an intense Skunk aroma and flavor, some of the most potent cannabis flavors on the market. They’re almost as pure as the strains smoked in the 80s. The strains used to create it are from the same decade, although they can’t be found anymore – that’s why this strain is so special. This strain can produce up to 20% THC, and has won many cannabis cups, including Spannabis and the High Times Cup in the extracts category. It produces an incredible amount of potent, delicious resin that produces an intense relaxing effect. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a medicinal strain with which to ease chronic pain. When grown using a SoG method indoors, we managed to harvest up to 400g per square meter indoors. We recommend placing many plants, as they don’t produce a lot of branches; you can easily fit quite a lot in a square meter area.

Fallen Angel by Devil’s Harvest Seeds is one of their latest and best creations. This strain is designed to be grown outdoors. It’ll grow incredibly tall, reaching around 2-3m tall with ease, full of resinous buds. You can harvest up to 900g from just one plant, which is an incredible amount for outdoor growers. This indica-dominant strain has a delicious Afghan hash-like flavor, and its effects are equally as relaxing and pleasing. You should also use it to make extracts, as its resin is incredibly potent; you’ll really love the flavor.

They also have a regular seed section, such as John Doe Regular, as well as Hell’s Bell. Both of these strains produce incredibly similar amounts indoors and outdoors, which is around 300g per square meter indoors and between 500 and 600g outdoors. We highly recommend growing John Doe if you’re looking for a sativa plant that is super easy to grow and gives a delicious and energetic effect. Hell’s Bell is more indica-dominant and produces quite an intense relaxing sensation after every drag.

Daire and Paul, the founders of DHS are proud of producing Old School strains for home-growers to enjoy in their gardens. Their seeds are sold all over the world thanks to their incredibly hard work.