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Strain Hunters | Exotic & Unknown Strains

Strain Hunters is a Dutch seed bank that belongs to Green House Seeds. This seed bank started as an idea to collect exotic strains found on their travels. They also filmed a series of documentaries on their travels, visiting places like Jamaica, Colombia, Indica, and Malawi. Arjan, alongside the recently deceased Franco Loja, would take a camera absolutely everywhere with them. We highly recommend checking these documentaries out.

Alongside a series of documentaries, they released the seed bank Strain Hunters, selling the seeds they’ve found all around the world. All of these strains have something in common; all of them were taken from third world, nature-rich countries that sustain themselves mostly with (not necessarily) cannabis sales.

Strain Hunter’s catalogue contains purely seasonal feminized strains that may not be well known, but they have been tested by professionals at Green House Seeds and have proven to give amazing results.

Big Tooth by Strain Hunters is one of the highest-yielding seeds they’ve found, harvesting up to 500-600g per square meter indoors underneath potent lamps. The genetic origins of this strain are unknown; all we know is that they were Afghan, Hawaiian and Nepalese plants. Its flowers grow incredibly juice and thick, letting off a spicy flavor with herby and flowery hints to it. Its effect is clearly mixed, starting off with an intense mental high and ending in intense physical relaxation. This strain is great for adventurers, just like the men that made it possible to grow this strain in Europe.

White Lemon by Strain Hunters is another of their prized strains, with high THC and CBD levels. It’s super easy to grow, and you’ll be able to get amazing results without much effort at all. It’s super productive if you take into account its super short flowering period. Indoors you can harvest up to 500g per square meter after just three months. Its flavor is quite interesting, with hints of musk and vanilla. Keep in mind that this strain loved being topped indoors, responding wonderfully to techniques such as SCRoG or SoG. During the last few flowering weeks, you’ll be able to see its thick layer of resin, making for quite a pretty looking plant.