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Soma Seeds is a US seed bank that had to move to Holland to stay open due to various legal issues in the states. Soma is one of the most important figures in the cannabis world due to his implications in the legalization movement and his various efforts for preserving different strains. His masterpiece is his prized strain, Somango, which has been around for decades and is still high in demand – it’s even been copied by rival seed banks.

Somango by Soma Seeds is the real and original version of this strain that was used to inspire many future strains. The creator highly recommends growing it using organic products in order to amplify its flavor and effect. When grown indoors using 600w grow lights you can harvest around 300g per square meter. Outdoors, however, this strain is capable of dealing with any type of climate (it does best in mild climates). If you make the most of the sun and give it maximum light exposure, it will grow incredibly well, producing up to 400g per plant easily. Its flavor is deliciously mango-like with hints of pineapple, and its effect is euphoric and positive – perfect for chatting with friends.

Soma is one of the few people that have been able to dedicate their life’s work to something that he’s really passionate about. He has put a lot of love and care into his company and strains – Lavender and NYC Diesel are clear examples of the incredible high quality that Soma offers his consumers.